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Welcome to RFA, where twang meets pop.  Free-form, commercial free radio featuring new releases of Americana/Alt. Country, Indie/College Rock, Power Pop, Blues/R&B/Soul, Roots Rock 'n Roll, Garage/Punk, Folk, Outsider, and more (or less)... From pure pop for now people to pure slop for cow people; from three chords and the truth to two chords and a sack of lies; non-discriminating free-form radio for the discriminating listener.

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Recent Additions to the Playlist
Release Date Artist


Title Label
2016-10-07 Shovels & Rope Artist homepage CD MP3 Little Seeds New West
2016-09-30 Louise, Gabrielle Artist homepage     If The Static Clears self
2016-09-23 Kweskin, Jim; Geoff Muldaur Artist homepage CD   Penny's Farm Kingswood
2016-09-16 Coal Porters, The Artist homepage CD MP3 No. 6 Prima
2016-09-16 Dayton, Jesse Artist homepage CD   The Revealer Blue Elan
2016-09-16 Ford, Elijah Artist homepage CD MP3 As You Were Nine Mile
2016-09-16 Rush, Bobby Artist homepage CD MP3 Porcupine Meat Rounder
2016-09-16 Shires, Amanda Artist homepage CD MP3 My Piece of Land self
2016-09-16 Southern Culture On The Skids Artist homepage CD MP3 The Electric Pinecones Kudzu
2016-09-16 Stalcup & The Grange, Chris Artist homepage   MP3 Downhearted Fools Dirtleg
2016-09-16 Walcotts, The Artist homepage   MP3 Let the Devil Win Local Hero
2016-09-16 Whiteley, Jenny Artist homepage CD MP3 The Original Jenny Whiteley Black Hen
2016-09-16 Youngers, The Artist homepage   MP3 Picture of You Let It Roll
2016-09-09 Ambel, Eric Artist homepage CD   Lakeside Last Chance
2016-09-09 Blue Highway Artist homepage CD   Original Traditional Rounder
2016-09-09 Davis, Elise Artist homepage CD MP3 The Token Make The Kill
2016-09-09 Paper Bird Artist homepage CD MP3 Paper Bird Sons of Thunder
2016-09-09 Parsonsfield Artist homepage CD MP3 Blooming Through The Black Signature Sounds
2016-09-09 Parton, Dolly; Linda Ronstadt; Emmylou Harris Artist homepage CD MP3 The Complete Trio Collection Rhino
2016-09-09 Romweber, Dex Artist homepage CD MP3 Carrboro Bloodshot
2016-09-09 Time Jumpers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Kid Sister Rounder
2016-09-09 Whiskey Myers Artist homepage CD MP3 Mud Wiggy Thump
2016-09-09 Williamson, James; Petra Haden Artist homepage V   Blues Jumped The Rabbit (single) LPD
2016-09-06 Knight and The Lakers, Sonny Artist homepage     Sooner or Later (single) Secret Stash
2016-09-02 Backtrack Blues Band Artist homepage CD   Way Back Home Harpo
2016-09-02 Chatham County Line Artist homepage CD MP3 Autumn Yep Roc
2016-09-02 Easton, Tim Artist homepage CD   American Fork Last Chance
2016-09-02 Red Tail Ring Artist homepage     Fall Away Blues self
2016-09-02 Walker, Seth Artist homepage CD MP3 Gotta Get Back Royal Potato Family
2016-09-01 Session Americana with Jefferson Hamer Artist homepage   MP3 Great Shakes self
2016-09-01 Sommers Rosenthal Family Band, The Artist homepage     Down the Road American Melody
2016-08-30 Shaggy Dogs Artist homepage CD MP3 Fiesta Blues & Roll FOLC
2016-08-29 Nicholas, Johnny Artist homepage     Fresh Air self
2016-08-26 Devil Makes Three, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Redemption & Ruin New West
2016-08-26 Gros, John Papa Artist homepage   MP3 River's On Fire Funky Krewe
2016-08-26 Hollis Brown Artist homepage   MP3 Cluster of Pearls Alive
2016-08-26 Ingram, Jack Artist homepage CD MP3 Midnight Motel Rounder
2016-08-26 Joseph Artist homepage CD MP3 I'm Alone, No You're Not ATO
2016-08-26 Kirchen, Bill; Austin DeLone Artist homepage CD MP3 Transatlantica Red House
2016-08-26 Longley, Liz Artist homepage CD MP3 Weightless Sugar Hill
2016-08-26 Murnane, Rick Artist homepage   MP3 Goodbye Lonely Times (single) self
2016-08-26 River Whyless Artist homepage CD MP3 We All The Light Roll Call
2016-08-26 Strause, Dietrich Artist homepage   MP3 How Cruel That Hunger Binds self
2016-08-22 Nelson, Beaver Artist homepage     Positive Freedom
2016-08-19 Andrews, Courtney Marie Artist homepage CD MP3 Honest Life Mama Bird
2016-08-19 Barham, BJ Artist homepage CD MP3 Rockingham self
2016-08-19 Coal Men, The Artist homepage   MP3 Pushed to the Side Vaskaleedez
2016-08-19 Cool Ghouls Artist homepage CD MP3 Animal Races Empty Cellar
2016-08-19 Delevante, Bob Artist homepage CD   Valley of Days Relay
2016-08-19 Hayes, Sean Artist homepage CD MP3 Low Light self
2016-08-19 Jones & The Dap-Kings, Sharon Artist homepage CD MP3 Miss Sharon Jones! (Soundtrack) Daptone
2016-08-19 Ligon, Chris       Outa The Can Record Roundup
2016-08-19 Loveless, Lydia Artist homepage CD MP3 Real Bloodshot
2016-08-19 Minus 5, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Of Monkees And Men Yep Roc
2016-08-19 Potenza, Sarah Artist homepage   MP3 Monster Snax
2016-08-19 Swirsky, Seth H CD MP3 Circles and Squares Grimble
2016-08-19 Thomas, Timmy Artist homepage     Opportunity /
Turn Back The Hands of Time (single)
Saustex / Over Town
2016-08-19 Various Artists Artist homepage CD MP3 Mutants of the Monster: A Tribute to Black Oak Arkansas Saustex
2016-08-19 Walker, Ryley Artist homepage CD MP3 Golden Sings That Have Been Sung Dead Oceans
2016-08-19 Watson and His Lonestars, Dale Artist homepage CD MP3 Live at The Big T Roadhouse Red House
2016-08-18 Buffalo Ruckus, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Peace & Cornbread Shiner
2016-08-13 Kickstand Band, The Artist homepage   MP3 Summer Dream EP self
2016-08-12 Evening Bell Artist homepage   MP3 Dying Stars self
2016-08-12 Hymn For Her Artist homepage   MP3 Drive Til U Die self
2016-08-12 Jinks, Cody Artist homepage CD MP3 I'm Not The Devil self
2016-08-12 Waldon, Kelsey Artist homepage   MP3 I've Got a Way Monkey's Eyebrow
2016-08-11 Cain & The Ables, Ryan Artist homepage   MP3 Cupid and the Devil self
2016-08-08 La Panther Happens Artist homepage   MP3 For the Night Crawlers self
2016-08-08 Susan Constant, The Artist homepage   MP3 I've Got Friends (single) Tour de Stade
2016-08-05 Block, Porter     MP3 Hard to See Beautiful Team Mensch
2016-08-05 Forlorn Strangers Artist homepage     Forlorn Strangers self
2016-08-05 Jeremy & The Harlequins Artist homepage CD MP3 Into The Night Yep Roc
2016-08-05 Leahey & The Homestead, Andrew Artist homepage CD MP3 Skyline in Central Time Skyline
2016-08-05 Maps & His Mothball Fleet Artist homepage   MP3 Fighting Season Azteca
2016-08-05 Tolchin, Jonah Artist homepage CD MP3 Thousand Mile Night Yep Roc
2016-08-01 Happiless Artist homepage   MP3 Happiless self
2016-08-01 Various Artists Artist homepage   MP3 Power Popsicle Brain Freeze Ice Cream Man Powerpop / Futureman
2016-07-31 Plant, Owen Artist homepage CD MP3 I Was On The Moon self
2016-07-29 Cotton Mather Artist homepage CD MP3 Death of the Cool Star Apple Kingdom
2016-07-29 Hoey, Gary Artist homepage CD MP3 Dust & Bones Provogue
2016-07-29 McKenna, Lori Artist homepage CD MP3 The Bird & The Rifle CN
2016-07-29 Various Artists Artist homepage CD MP3 Quiero Creedence Concord Picante
2016-07-29 Western Flyers, The Artist homepage     Wild Blue Yonder Versa-Tone
2016-07-27 Royal Hounds, The Artist homepage   MP3 Poker All Night Long self

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Coming Soon

Release Date Artist


Title Label
2016-09-02 Fleshtones, The H CD MP3 The Band Drinks For Free Yep Roc
2016-09-09 Shaggs, The   CD   Philosophy Of The World (remastered) Light In The Attic
2016-09-09 St. Paul & The Broken Bones Artist homepage CD MP3 Sea of Noise Records, LLC
2016-09-09 Teenage Fanclub Artist homepage CD MP3 Here Merge
2016-09-09 Wilco Artist homepage CD MP3 Schmilco dBpm
Future Releases

Release Date



Title Label
2016-09-16 Handsome Family, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Unseen Milk & Scissors
2016-09-16 Peyroux, Madeleine Artist homepage CD MP3 Secular Hymns Verve
2016-09-16 Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet Artist homepage CD MP3 Savvy Show Stoppers Yep Roc
2016-09-23 Bragg, Billy; Joe Henry Artist homepage CD MP3 Shine A Light: Field Recordings from the Great American Railroad Cooking Vinyl
2016-09-23 Springsteen, Bruce Artist homepage CD MP3 Chapter and Verse Columbia
2016-09-23 Yoakam, Dwight Artist homepage CD MP3 Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars? Sugar Hill
2016-09-30 McEuen, John Artist homepage CD   Made In Brooklyn Chesky
2016-09-30 Morrison, Van Artist homepage CD MP3 Keep Me Singing Caroline
2016-09-30 Neilson, Tami Artist homepage CD MP3 Don't Be Afraid Outside Music
2016-09-30 Prine, John Artist homepage CD MP3 For Better, Or Worse Oh Boy
2016-09-30 Waterhouse, Nick Artist homepage   MP3 Never Twice Innovative Leisure
2016-09-30 Weir, Bob Artist homepage CD MP3 Only a River Columbia Legacy
2016-10-07 Hammond, John Artist homepage CD   Mirrors Real Gone
2016-10-07 Hiss Golden Messenger Artist homepage CD MP3 Heart Like A Levee Merge
2016-10-14 Mavericks, The Artist homepage CD   All Night Live Volume 1 Mono Mundo
2016-10-21 Various Artists Artist homepage     Twelve String High You Are The Cosmos
2016 Flat Five, The H     TBA  
2016 Gale, Mike; Llona V Artist homepage     Dream Pool Battle
2016 Hangabouts, The Artist homepage     Kits and Cats and Saxon Wives  
2016 Legal Matters, The Artist homepage     Conrad Futureman 
2016 Los Texmaniacs Artist homepage     TBA  
2016 Motel Mirrors Artist homepage     TBA (EP) Wild Honey Records (Italy) 
2016 Piunti, Nick Artist homepage     TBA  

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