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Welcome to RFA, where twang meets pop.  Free-form, commercial free radio featuring new releases of Americana/Alt. Country, Indie/College Rock, Power Pop, Blues/R&B/Soul, Roots Rock 'n Roll, Garage/Punk, Folk, Outsider, and more (or less)... From pure pop for now people to pure slop for cow people; from three chords and the truth to two chords and a sack of lies; non-discriminating free-form radio for the discriminating listener.

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Recent Additions to the Playlist
Release Date Artist


Title Label
2014-10-07 Graves, Shakey Artist homepage  CD MP3 And the War Came Dualtone
2014-09-30 Baker, Kurt Artist homepage     Brand New B-Sides Rum Bar Records
2014-09-30 Brown, Pieta Artist homepage CD  MP3 Paradise Outlaw Red House Records
2014-09-30 Gerrard, Alice Artist homepage CD MP3 Follow the Music Tompkins Square
2014-09-30 Hot Rize Artist homepage CD MP3 When I'm Free Ten In Hand / Thirty Tigers
2014-09-30 Sons Of Bill Artist homepage CD MP3 Love and Logic Gray Fox / Thirty Tigers
2014-09-30 Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives, Marty Artist homepage  CD MP3 Saturday Night/Sunday Morning Superlatone / Thirty Tigers
2014-09-30 Trigger Hippy Artist homepage CD MP3 Trigger Hippy Rounder
2014-09-30 Various Artists Artist homepage CD MP3  Link of Chain: A Songwriters Tribute to Chris Smither Signature Sounds
2014-09-30 Williams, Lucinda Artist homepage CD MP3 Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone Highway 20 Records
2014-09-30 Winslow-King, Luke Artist homepage  CD MP3 Everlasting Arms Bloodshot Records
2014-09-23 Ball, Marcia Artist homepage  CD MP3 Tattooed Lady & The Alligator Man Alligator Records
2014-09-23 Immigrant Union Artist homepage    MP3 Anyway MuseBox / Fontana North
2014-09-23 May, Imelda Artist homepage CD MP3 Tribal Verve
2014-09-23 Prophet, Chuck Artist homepage CD MP3 Night Surfer Yep Roc
2014-09-23 Wiseman, Mac Artist homepage CD MP3 Songs from My Mother's Hand Wrinkled Records
2014-09-23 Womack, Lee Ann Artist homepage CD MP3 The Way I'm Livin' Sugar Hill
2014-09-22 Bruey, Robert Artist homepage CD MP3 Carousel self
2014-09-22 Bryan and The Wildes, Lachlan Artist homepage     Black Coffee self
2014-09-20 Roberts & The Heymakers, Pat Artist homepage    MP3 Devil Electric Lotus
2014-09-16 Douglas, Jerry; Mike Auldrige, Rob Ickes Artist homepage CD MP3 Three Bells Rounder
2014-09-16 Earls of Leicester, The Artist homepage  CD MP3  The Earls of Leicester Rounder
2014-09-16 Farris, Mike Artist homepage CD MP3 Shine For All The People Compass Records
2014-09-16 Florence, Kevin Lee Artist homepage CD MP3 Given Fluff & Gravy Records
2014-09-16 Front Country Artist homepage   MP3 Sake of the Sound self
2014-09-16 Griffin, Sid Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Trick Is To Breathe Prima Records
2014-09-16 Hanson, Lynne Artist homepage CD MP3 River of Sand self
2014-09-16 Heldal, Monica Artist homepage  CD MP3 Boy From the North Warner Music Norway
2014-09-16 Kight, EG Artist homepage    MP3 A New Day Blue South
2014-09-16 Mills, Blake Artist homepage  CD MP3  Heigh Ho Verve
2014-09-16 Steelism Artist homepage CD MP3 615 to Fame Single Lock Records
2014-09-16 Various Artists Artist homepage CD    Dead Man's Town: A Tribute to Born In The U.S.A. Lightning Rod Records
2014-09-16 Winchester, Jesse Artist homepage  CD MP3 A Reasonable Amount of Time Appleseed Recordings
2014-09-15 Canebreakers Artist homepage    MP3 Frame and Floor self
2014-09-15 Fairchild, Amy Artist homepage    MP3 Amy Fairchild self
2014-09-15 Pruitt, Luke Artist homepage   MP3 Songs of Home, pt. 1 self
2014-09-15 Redding, Lipbone Artist homepage   MP3 Esmeralda Citizen One Music
2014-09-15 WestWend Artist homepage    MP3 Linger for a While Ante Flow Records
2014-09-09 Adams, Ryan Artist homepage CD MP3 Ryan Adams Blue Note 
2014-09-09 Albert, Christine Artist homepage   MP3 Everything's Beautiful Now Moon House Records
2014-09-09 Avi Buffalo Artist homepage CD MP3  At Best Cuckold Sub Pop Records
2014-09-09 Belle Sounds, The Artist homepage     Black Stone EP self
2014-09-09 Brothers Keeper Artist homepage CD MP3 Todd Meadows 8150 Records
2014-09-09 Collins, Paul Artist homepage CD  MP3 Feel The Noise Alive Records
2014-09-09 Earle, Justin Townes Artist homepage     Eastside Manor Session (live EP) Noisetrade
2014-09-09 Earle, Justin Townes Artist homepage CD MP3 Single Mothers Vagrant Records
2014-09-09 Erelli, Mark Artist homepage    MP3 Milltowns self
2014-09-09 Fayssoux Artist homepage CD MP3 I Can't Wait Red Beet Records
2014-09-09 Glover, Ben Artist homepage CD MP3 Atlantic Carpe Vita Creative
2014-09-09 Grateful Dead Artist homepage  CD MP3 Wake Up To Find Out: Nassau Coliseum 3/29/90 Rhino
2014-09-09 Greensky Bluegrass Artist homepage CD MP3 If Sorrows Swim Thirty Tigers
2014-09-09 Lynn, Lera Artist homepage   MP3 The Avenues self
2014-09-09 Mayfield, David Artist homepage CD MP3 Strangers Compass Records
2014-09-09 Plant, Robert Artist homepage  CD MP3 lullaby and...The Ceaseless Roar Nonesuch
2014-09-09 Rose's Pawn Shop Artist homepage   MP3 Gravity Well self
2014-09-09 Stone, Rob Artist homepage CD MP3 Gotta Keep Rollin' Vizz Tone
2014-09-09 Tennis Artist homepage CD  MP3 Ritual In Repeat Communion
2014-09-09 Wainwright III, Loudon Artist homepage CD MP3 Haven't Got the Blues (Yet) 429 Records
2014-09-08 Dunwells, The Artist homepage     Show Me Emotion EP Concord
2014-09-08 Goodbye Ronnie Artist homepage     Between Two Fires self
2014-09-08 Tivel, Anna Artist homepage  CD   Before Machines Fluff & Gravy Records
2014-09-08 Young, Jubal Lee Artist homepage     On a Dark Highway Reconstruction Records
2014-09-02 Counting Crows Artist homepage CD MP3 Somewhere Under Wonderland Capitol Records
2014-09-02 Ehrhardt, Sena Artist homepage  CD   Live My Life Blind Pig Records
2014-09-02 Game Theory Artist homepage  CD MP3 Blaze of Glory (expanded reissue) Omnivore Recordings
2014-09-02 Half Japanese Artist homepage  CD MP3 Overjoyed Joyful Noise Records
2014-09-02 Mister Roper Artist homepage  CD   Mister Roper Red Parlor Records
2014-09-02 Winter, Johnny Artist homepage  CD MP3 Step Back Megaforce
2014-09-02 Zachman, Sutter Artist homepage   MP3 Repeat Offender Modern Roots Music
2014-09-01 Wright, Nelson Artist homepage   MP3 Orphans & Relics Fetching Grace Music
2014-08-28 Adams, Ryan Artist homepage    MP3 1984 (Paxam Single Series Volume 1) Pax Americana
2014-08-26 Castle, Jerry Artist homepage   MP3 South Holston My World Records
2014-08-26 Cowan, John Artist homepage  CD MP3 Sixty Compass Records
2014-08-26 Hillis, Cliff Artist homepage   MP3 Song Machine TallBoy Records
2014-08-26 Hitchcock, Robyn Artist homepage CD MP3 The Man Upstairs Yep Roc
2014-08-26 King, Shelley Artist homepage   MP3 Building a Fire Lemonade Records
2014-08-26 Mascis, J Artist homepage CD  MP3 Tied To A Star Sub Pop
2014-08-26 New Pornographers, The Artist homepage  CD  MP3 Brill Bruisers Matador
2014-08-26 Pilgrim and the All Grows Up, William Artist homepage   MP3 Epic Endings Live Ice House Records
2014-08-26 Segall, Ty Artist homepage  CD MP3 Manipulator Drag City
2014-08-26 Shovels & Rope Artist homepage CD MP3 Swimmin' Time Dualtone Music
2014-08-25 Bonfiglio, Rob Artist homepage    MP3 Freeway Damask
2014-08-25 Buchanan, Katie Artist homepage   MP3 Go self
2014-08-25 Kinks, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Lola Versus Powerman & The Moneygoround & 'Percy' (2 CD Deluxe) Sanctuary Records
2014-08-25 Sewell Band, Kirby Artist homepage     Girl With a New Tattoo Smelly Cat Records
2014-08-23 Piunti, Nick Artist homepage     Time Machine (single) self
2014-08-22 Longmire, Jenna Artist homepage CD   Resistance self
2014-08-20 Hollis Brown Artist homepage    MP3 Wait for Me Virginia (single) Alive Records
2014-08-19 Aimee, Cyrille Artist homepage CD MP3 It's a Good Day Mack Avenue Records
2014-08-19 Beach Day Artist homepage  CD MP3 Native Echoes Kanine Records
2014-08-19 Bishop, Elvin Artist homepage  CD MP3 Can't Even Do Wrong Right Alligator Records
2014-08-19 Booker, Benjamin Artist homepage CD MP3 Benjamin Booker ATO Records
2014-08-19 Branan, Cory Artist homepage  CD MP3 The No-Hit Wonder Bloodshot Records
2014-08-19 Dawson, Smoke Artist homepage  CD MP3 Fiddle [reissue] Tompkins Square
2014-08-19 Dr. John Artist homepage  CD MP3  Ske-Dat-De-Dat: The Spirit of Satch Concord
2014-08-19 Foster, Ruthie Artist homepage  CD MP3 Promise of a Brand New Day Blue Corn Music
2014-08-19 Gibbs, Otis Artist homepage CD MP3 Souvenirs of a Misspent Youth Wanamaker
2014-08-19 Jaffe, Sarah Artist homepage CD MP3 Don't Disconnect Kirtland Records
2014-08-19 Martin, Jeffrey Artist homepage  CD MP3 Dogs in the Daylight Fluff and Gravy Records
2014-08-19 Morganfield, Mud; Kim Wilson Artist homepage  CD   For Pops: A Tribute to Muddy Waters Severn Records
2014-08-19 Morrsion & Country Hammer, Cahalen Artist homepage CD MP3  The Flower of Muscle Shoals Free Dirt Records
2014-08-19 Mvula, Laura Artist homepage  CD MP3 With Metropole Orkest (live) Columbia
2014-08-19 Nash, Israel Artist homepage CD MP3 Israel Nash's Rain Plans Loose Music / Thirty Tigers
2014-08-19 Parsonsfield Artist homepage   MP3 Afterparty Signature Sounds
2014-08-19 Posies, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Failure (Expanded Reissue) Omnivore Recordings
2014-08-19 Robinson, Smokey Artist homepage CD MP3 Smokey and Friends Verve
2014-08-19 Rose, Caroline Artist homepage CD MP3 I Will Not Be Afraid Little Hi! / Thirty Tigers
2014-08-19 Scruffy The Cat Artist homepage   MP3 Scruffy The Cat: Time Never Forgets Relativity / Sony Legacy
2014-08-19 Smash Palace Artist homepage  CD MP3 Extended Play Zip Records
2014-08-19 Thorn, Paul Artist homepage  CD MP3 Too Blessed to Be Stressed Perpetual Obscurity
2014-08-19 Various Artists Artist homepage CD MP3 Look Again to the Wind: Johnny Cash's Bitter Tears Revisited Masterworks
2014-08-18 Wence, Bill Artist homepage CD MP3 Songs That Make Me Think About You 615 Records

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Coming Soon

Release Date Artist


Title Label
2014-09-16 Fauntleroys, The [feat A. Escovedo] H CD MP3 Below the Pink Pony Plowboy Records
2014-09-16 Scruffy The Cat Artist homepage CD MP3 The Good Goodbye: Unreleased Recordings 1984-1990 Omnivore Recordings
2014-09-16 Somebody's Darling Artist homepage   MP3 Adult Roommates self
2014-09-23 Bonamassa, Joe Artist homepage  CD MP3 Different Shades of Blue J&R Adventures
2014-09-23 Clark Jr., Gary Artist homepage  CD MP3 Live (2 CD) Warner Bros.
2014-09-23 Cohen, Leonard Artist homepage  CD MP3 Popular Problems Columbia
2014-09-23 King Tuff Artist homepage  CD MP3 Black Moon Spell Sub Pop Records
2014-09-23 Tweedy Artist homepage CD MP3 Sukierae ANTI
Future Releases

Release Date



Title Label
2014-09-30 Owens, Christopher Artist homepage CD MP3 A New Testament Turnstile Music
2014-09-30 Rural Alberta Advantage, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Mended With Gold Saddle Creek
2014-10-06 Groovy Uncle Artist homepage   MP3 Persuaded Trouserphonic
2014-10-06 Whiskey Gentry, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Live from Georgia Goose Creek
2014-10-07 Browne, Jackson Artist homepage CD MP3 Standing in the Breach Inside Recordings
2014-10-07 Dickerson & Los Straitjackets, Deke Artist homepage     Deke Dickerson Sings The Instrumental Hits Yep Roc
2014-10-07 Faithfull, Marianne Artist homepage CD   Give My Love to London  
2014-10-07 Field Report Artist homepage CD MP3 Marigolden Partisan Records
2014-10-07 Fleck, Bela; Abigail Washburn Artist homepage  CD   Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn Rounder
2014-10-07 Weezer Artist homepage CD   Everything Will Be Alright in the End Republic Records
2014-10-13 Young Sinclairs, The Artist homepage     This Is The Young Sinclairs Ample Play
2014-10-14 Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Bob Artist homepage CD   Ride Out Capitol
2014-10-20 Haught, Wayne Artist homepage     Fingers (prod by Peter Case) Resist Not Records
2014-10-21 Arbuckle, NQ Artist homepage     The Future Happens Anyway Six Shooter Records
2014-10-21 Bronson, Eliot Artist homepage     Eliot Bronson Saturn 5 Records
2014-10-27 Hard Working Americans Artist homepage  CD   The First Waltz Melvin Records
2014-10-28 Lewis, Jerry Lee Artist homepage CD MP3 Rock & Roll Time Vanguard Records
2014-11-04 Dylan, Bob Artist homepage CD   The Basement Tapes Complete: The Bootleg Series Vol. 11 (6 CDs) Columbia
2014-11-11 Various Artists Artist homepage  CD   Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes Electromagnetic Recordings / Harvest
2014-11 Muck and the Mires Artist homepage     Dial M for Muck Dirty Water Records
2014 Chisel, Cory Artist homepage     Soul Obscura  
2014 Doughboys, The Artist homepage      TBA Ram Records
2014 Flamin' Groovies, The Artist homepage      TBA  
2014 I Was A King Artist homepage CD   Isle of Yours import
2014 Lloyd, Bill Artist homepage     Reset 2014  
2014 McPherson, J.D. Artist homepage     TBA  
2014 Meyers, Augie Artist homepage     Santa Fe  
2014 Travis, Chandler; David Greenberger Artist homepage     Bocce & Bourbon Iddy Biddy
2014 Yoakum, Dwight Artist homepage     TBA Warner Reprise

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