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Welcome to RFA, where twang meets pop.  Free-form, commercial free radio featuring new releases of Americana/Alt. Country, Indie/College Rock, Power Pop, Blues/R&B/Soul, Roots Rock 'n Roll, Garage/Punk, Folk, Outsider, and more (or less)... From pure pop for now people to pure slop for cow people; from three chords and the truth to two chords and a sack of lies; non-discriminating free-form radio for the discriminating listener.

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Recent Additions to the Playlist
Release Date Artist


Title Label
2015-09-18 Sweany, Patrick Artist homepage   MP3 Daytime Turned To Nighttime Nine Mile
2015-09-04 Gordon, Kevin Artist homepage     Long Gone Time self
2015-08-28 Canales, Lance Artist homepage CD   The Blessing and The Curse Music Road
2015-08-28 Hulburt, John Artist homepage  CD   Opus III Tompkins Square
2015-08-28 Latham, Jacob Artist homepage     Burn self
2015-08-21 Beat Caravan Artist homepage   MP3 Odd Harmony Sunny Day
2015-08-21 Bellfuries, The Artist homepage  CD   Workingman's Bellfuries Hi-Style
2015-08-21 Greene, Jackie Artist homepage   MP3 Back to Birth Yep Roc
2015-08-21 James, Jason Artist homepage  CD   Jason James New West
2015-08-21 Rose, Whitney Artist homepage CD MP3  Heartbreaker of the Year Cameron House
2015-08-21 Whitfield & The Savages, Barrence Artist homepage  CD   Under The Savage Sky Bloodshot
2015-08-21 Wilco Artist homepage  CD MP3 Star Wars ANTI
2015-08-14 Cleary, Jon Artist homepage CD MP3 GoGo Juice FHQ
2015-08-14 Picott, Rod Artist homepage CD MP3 Fortune Welding Rod
2015-08-14 Waifs, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Beautiful You Compass
2015-08-11 Easterling, Angela Artist homepage  CD   Common Law Wife De L'est
2015-08-10 Tallent Brothers, The Artist homepage     Back On The Old Stuff self
2015-08-07 Allman, Gregg Artist homepage   MP3 Live: Back to Macon, GA Rounder
2015-08-07 Best, Brent Artist homepage  CD   Your Dog Champ Last Chance
2015-08-07 Dement, Iris Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Trackless Woods FlairElla
2015-08-07 Langhorne Slim & The Law Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Spirit Moves Dualtone
2015-08-07 Powell & The Messengers, Leroy Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Overlords of the Cosmic Revelation Cleopatra
2015-08-07 Statesboro Revue, The Artist homepage CD   Jukehouse Revival Shalley
2015-08-07 Tyler, Jonathan Artist homepage  CD MP3 Holy Smokes Timeless Echo
2015-08-04 National Parks, The Artist homepage   MP3 Until I Live Groundloop
2015-08-03 Ned Van Go Artist homepage     The Dirt and The Sun self
2015-07-31 Guy, Buddy Artist homepage  CD MP3 Born To Play Guitar RCA
2015-07-31 Romano, Daniel Artist homepage CD  MP3 If I've Only One Time Askin' New West
2015-07-31 Various Artists Artist homepage     Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More: Got It Licked Ice Cream Man
2015-07-30 Milnes, Jesse; Emily Miller Artist homepage     Deep End Sessions, Volume II Deep End Sessions
2015-07-29 Thomas & The Volcanos, Jr. Artist homepage    MP3 Get A Hold Of You (single) Truth & Soul
2015-07-27 Baylin, Jessie Artist homepage    MP3 He Needs Me (single) Blonde Rat
2015-07-24 Chambers, Kasey Artist homepage  CD MP3 Bittersweet Sugar Hill
2015-07-24 Cummings, Albert Artist homepage  CD MP3 Someone Like You Blind Pig
2015-07-24 Ducktails H CD MP3 St. Catherine Domino
2015-07-24 Dustbowl Revival, The Artist homepage CD MP3 With A Lampshade On Signature Sounds
2015-07-24 Haynes, Warren Artist homepage CD MP3 Ashes & Dust (featuring Railroad Earth) Concord
2015-07-24 Helm, Amy Artist homepage  CD MP3 Didn't It Rain eOne
2015-07-24 Lowest Pair, The Artist homepage CD MP3 I Reckon I'm Fixin' on Kickin' Round to Pick a Little Team Love
2015-07-24 Mandell, Eleni Artist homepage CD MP3 Dark Lights Up Yep Roc
2015-07-24 Milagro Saints Artist homepage     Tupelo Moon Caravan
2015-07-24 Monroe, Ashley Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Blade Warner
2015-07-24 Old Man Luedecke Artist homepage  CD MP3 Domestic Eccentric True North
2015-07-24 Pousette-Dart, Jon Artist homepage CD   Talk BFD
2015-07-24 Primer and Special Friends, John Artist homepage CD MP3 Muddy Waters 100 Raisin' Music
2015-07-24 Watkins Family Hour Artist homepage CD MP3 Watkins Family Hour WFH / Thirty Tigers
2015-07-21 Gross, D. Artist homepage    MP3 Juggernaut self
2015-07-20 Bo, Reno Artist homepage    MP3 Have You Seen Her Face (single) Electric Western
2015-07-20 Sistak, Tommy Artist homepage   MP3 A New Day (single) self
2015-07-20 Slocan Ramblers, The Artist homepage     Coffee Creek self
2015-07-17 Blinddog Smokin' Artist homepage CD MP3 High Steppin' Silver Talon
2015-07-17 Crain, Samantha Artist homepage   MP3 Under Branch & Thorn & Tree Ramseur
2015-07-17 Dyer's New Pagan Gods, Tom Artist homepage  CD   History of Northwest Rock Vol. 1 1959-1968 Green Monkey
2015-07-17 Iron and Wine & Ben Bridwell Artist homepage  CD MP3 Sing Into My Mouth Black Cricket / Brown
2015-07-17 Isbell, Jason Artist homepage CD MP3 Something More Than Free Southeastern
2015-07-17 Legends Of Country Artist homepage  CD MP3 Talk About Country Talk About Country
2015-07-17 Morrissey, Flo Artist homepage  CD MP3 Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful Glassnote
2015-07-17 Revivalists, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Men Amongst Mountains Wind-Up
2015-07-17 Travel Lanes Artist homepage   MP3 Let's Begin To Start Again self
2015-07-15 Foreign Films, The Artist homepage     The Record Collector (side 3) self
2015-07-15 Rocket Bureau Artist homepage     Choozy Suzy (single) self
2015-07-14 Cartel, Benjamin H     Gothenburg self
2015-07-14 One Like Son Artist homepage    MP3 Classic Body Thief
2015-07-13 Finnders & Youngberg Artist homepage     Eat The Moon Swingfingers
2015-07-10 Crooks Artist homepage  CD   Wildfire Seafoam
2015-07-10 Old Ceremony, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Sprinter Yep Roc
2015-07-10 Runner Of The Woods Artist homepage    MP3 Thirsty Valley Twinpost
2015-07-10 Steelism Artist homepage     The Drawing Room Vol. 1 Intoxicating Sounds
2015-07-10 Vanilla Artist homepage  CD MP3 Vanilla 2.0 Charlatan Record Cartel
2015-07-07 Key Frames, The Artist homepage    MP3 Monophone Heart self
2015-07-07 Original Artyfacts Artist homepage     Put In Wave Cool Ghost
2015-07-07 Plott Hounds, The Artist homepage    MP3 Living Free self
2015-07-06 Autumn Stone, The Artist homepage     Bee-Sides from Beautiful Freaks The Active Listener
2015-07-06 Mendoza y sus Poetas del Ritmo, Alex Artist homepage    MP3 Cumbealo! (single) Names You Can Trust
2015-07-01 Baron Four, The Artist homepage     Walking Out b/w Can't Find My Way (single) State
2015-07-01 FrazierBand Artist homepage     The Rod & The Cane self
2015-07-01 Miller, David Michael Artist homepage   MP3 Same Soil Food For The Soul
2015-06-30 Cooper, Dana Artist homepage    MP3 Building a Human Being Better Music
2015-06-30 Frightnrs, The Artist homepage    MP3 I'd Rather Go Blind (single) Daptone
2015-06-30 Gorman, Fraser A. Artist homepage  CD MP3 Slow Gum House Anxiety / Marathon
2015-06-30 Maddock, James Artist homepage CD   The Green Casa del Fuego
2015-06-30 Nourallah, Salim Artist homepage     Skeleton Closet self
2015-06-30 Ocean Carolina Artist homepage     Maudlin Days Old Hand Record Co.
2015-06-30 Young + Promise Of The Real, Neil Artist homepage CD MP3 The Monsanto Years Reprise

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Coming Soon

Release Date Artist


Title Label
every week Sean, Timmy Artist homepage     Songs of the Week self
2015-08-07 Jigsaw Seen, The Artist homepage    MP3 Have a Wonderful Day Vibro-phonic
2015-08-07 Ortega, Lindi Artist homepage CD   Faded Gloryville  
2015-08-07 Ultimate Painting Artist homepage  CD MP3 Green Lanes Trouble In Mind
2015-08-14 Dr. Cosmo's Tape Lab Artist homepage     Coconut Summer Drop-In 432 self
2015-08-15 Los Deltonos Artist homepage    MP3 Salud! FOLC
Future Releases

Release Date



Title Label
2015-08-21 Holly Golightly Artist homepage    MP3 Slowtown Now! Damaged Goods
2015-08-24 Alphin, Clint Artist homepage    MP3 Postmodern Man Ernest Engine
2015-08-28 Beach House Artist homepage  CD MP3 Depression Cherry Sub Pop
2015-08-28 Yo La Tengo Artist homepage  CD MP3 Stuff Like That There Matador
2015-09-11 Copeland, Shemekia Artist homepage  CD MP3 Outskirts of Love Alligator
2015-09-11 Finn, Craig Artist homepage CD MP3 Faith In The Future Partisan
2015-09-11 Levinger, Lowell "Banana" Artist homepage     Get Together: Banana Recalls Youngbloods Classics  
2015-09-11 Low Artist homepage  CD MP3 Ones and Sixes Sub Pop
2015-09-11 Texas Tornados Artist homepage CD   A Little Bit Is Better Than Nada: Prime Cuts 1990-1996 Real Gone
2015-09-18 Alvin, Dave & Phil Artist homepage  CD MP3 Lost Time Yep Roc
2015-09-18 Dr. John Artist homepage     The Atco/Atlantic Singles 1968-1974 Omnivore
2015-09-18 Love, Darlene Artist homepage  CD MP3 Introducing Darlene Love Columbia
2015-10-02 Jackson, Joe Artist homepage     Fast Forward  
2015-10-16 Ritter, Josh Artist homepage     Sermon On The Rocks  
2015-11-27 NRBQ Artist homepage     Talk Thelonious Clang!
2015-10 Young Sinclairs, The Artist homepage     7" vinyl TBA You Are The Cosmos
2015 Birds Of Chicago Artist homepage     Real Midnight  
2015 Cherry Drops, The Artist homepage     Life Is A Bowl Of Cherry Drops  
2015 Co-Pilgrim Artist homepage     Slows to Go (Aug?)  
2015 Honeychain Artist homepage     TBA  
2015 Keene, Tommy Artist homepage     TBA (Sep?)  
2015 King Jartur & His Lords Artist homepage     Ah de la Almena! Bickerton (SP)
2015 LeBlanc, Dylan Artist homepage     Cautionary Tale Single Lock
2015 Various Artists Artist homepage     Lost Hits of the '80s Vandalay

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