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Radio Free Americana Airplay - Sorted by Artist
New Releases for the 7 Days Ending May 17, 2018

Includes New Releases with 3 or more spins.  Adds denoted in RED.

(note: some artist names begin with "The")

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Artist / Album Spins
6 String Drag  
Top of the World 16
Adam Robert Thomas  
Adam Robert Thomas 8
Adrian Whitehead  
Nerd From The Suburbs 9
Al Shields and The Delahayes  
Fire On Holy Ground 8
Alfa 9  
My Sweet Movida 10
Allah Las  
Covers #1 8
American Aquarium  
Things Change 4
And Friends 9
Amy Darling  
Rock 'n' Roll Woman - Single 4
Amy Rigby  
The Old Guys 15
Ana Egge  
White Tiger 4
Anderson East  
Encore 9
Ashley Monroe  
Sparrow 9
Barrence Whitfield and The Savages  
Soul Flowers of Titan 14
Bash and Pop  
Friday Night Is Killing Me (Expanded Reissue) 5
Belle Adair  
Tuscumbia 5
Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite  
No Mercy In This Land 5
Bennett Wilson Poole  
Bennett Wilson Poole 17
Bettye LaVette  
Things Have Changed 9
Bill Bloomer  
Jubilee 4
Bill Lloyd  
It's Happening Now 10
Bill Mallonee  
Forest Full Of Wolves 9
Birds Of Chicago  
Love in Wartime 8
Blackberry Smoke  
Find A Light 3
Blake Jones and The Trike Shop  
Make 15
Blue Yonder  
Rough and Ready Heart 15
Bluegrass Champs  
Live From The Don Owens Show 4
Bob Rea  
Southbound 4
Brad Marino  
Four Track Attack! 5
Brent Cobb  
Providence Canyon 15
Buffalo Gospel  
On the First Bell 4
Burning Ferns  
Public Mono 9
The Thread That Keeps Us 9
Caroline Rose  
Loner 14
Chandler Travis Three-O  
Backward Crooked From the Sunset 9
Charley Crockett  
Lonesome As A Shadow 17
Charlie Overbey  
Broken Arrow 9
Chris Richards and The Subtractions  
Peaks and Valleys 14
Chris Ruest  
Been Gone Too Long 15
Chris Smither  
Call Me Lucky 3
Chris Stills  
Don't Be Afraid 6
Christy Hays  
River Swimmer 4
Cicada Rhythm  
Everywhere I Go 17
Clarence Bucaro  
Passionate Kind 3
Cotton Mather  
Young Life E.P. 8
Courtney Barnett  
Tell Me How You Really Feel 14
Courtney Marie Andrews  
May Your Kindness Remain 15
Curtis Harding  
Face Your Fear 9
Let's Do This 15
Daisy House  
Bon Voyage 9
Dan Israel  
You're Free 9
Dana Fuchs  
Love Lives On 4
Darling West  
While I Was Asleep 4
Extralife 4
Dave Alvin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore  
Downey To Lubbock 18
David Myles  
Real Love 16
David Robert King  
Idaho 4
Dead Horses  
My Mother The Moon 4
Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio  
Close But No Cigar 10
Dom Flemons  
Black Cowboys 9
Dom Mariani and The Majestic Kelp  
Hi Seas 9
Don Gallardo  
Still Here 9
Longwave 10
The Pain of Loneliness (Goes on and On) / Go Easy 6
Eli Paperboy Reed  
Eli Paperboy Reed Meets The High And Mighty Brass Band 6
Elliott Brood & Great Lake Swimmers  
Covers (Traveling Wilburys/The Bryds) 9
Eric Corne  
Happy Songs For The Apocalypse 4
Erin Costelo  
Down Below, the Status Quo 4
Faz Waltz  
Double Decker 9
Fireproof Sam and the Network Stars  
Get Passive 15
First Aid Kit  
Ruins 4
Furies 9
Change of Heart (single) 5
Grant Lee Phillips  
Widdershins 4
Great Peacock  
Gran Pavo Real 4
Gretchen Peters  
Dancing With The Beast 4
Cheyenne Valley Drive 9
Groovy Movies  
Groovy Movies 8
Gun Outfit  
Out of Range 14
Peacock Fantasies 14
Harvey McLaughlin  
Tabloid News 5
HC McEntire  
Lionheart 8
Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs  
Clippety Clop 16
Horseshoes and Hand Grenades  
The Ode 4
I See Hawks In L.A.  
Live and Never Learn 19
Ike Reilly  
Crooked Love 16
I'm With Her  
See You Around 4
Initials Bouvier Bernois  
Initials Bouvier Bernois 5
Jake Winstrom  
Scared Away The Song 10
James Hunter Six (1)  
Baby Don't Do It (single) 6
James Hunter Six (2)  
Whatever It Takes 6
James Williamson and The Pink Hearts  
Behind the Shade 9
Janiva Magness  
Love Is An Army 8
Jaromil Sabor  
Second Science 9
JD McPherson  
Undivided Heart and Soul 16
Jeff Plankenhorn  
Sleeping Dogs 4
Jesse Dayton  
The Outsider 8
Jessie Baylin  
Strawberry Wind 9
Jimmie Vaughan Trio  
Live At C-Boy's 8
Joe Goldmark  
Blue Steel 4
Joe Grushecky and The Houserockers  
More Yesterdays Than Tomorrows 10
John Kennedy  
Peter Says (The Cat Protection Society Song) (single) 6
John Paul Keith  
Heart Shaped Shadow 17
John Prine  
The Tree of Forgivenes 8
Joshua Hedley  
Mr. Jukebox 16
Juliana Hatfield  
Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John 14
Julie Christensen & Stone Cupid  
A Sad Clown 3
Kacey Musgraves  
Golden Hour 9
Alternate Location 9
Kara Grainger  
Living With Your Ghost 4
Katie Toupin  
Moroccan Ballroom 15
Kelly Willis  
Back Being Blue 16
Kerri Powers  
Starseeds 4
Kim Richey  
Edgeland 9
King Jartur and His Lords  
Summer Fun 9
King Leg  
Meet King Leg 9
Lake Street Dive  
Free Yourself Up 3
Last of the Easy Riders  
Unto the Earth 9
Laura Veirs  
The Lookout 16
Leftover Salmon  
Something Higher 4
Les Kitschenettes  
C'est pas d'la physique quantique, du chant grégorien 15
Les Venturas  
Retropedalage 9
Lindi Ortega  
Liberty 8
Lindsay Lou  
Southland 4
Lloyd Green and Jay Dee Maness  
Journey To The Beginning - A Steel Guitar Tribute To The Byrds 16
Logan Magness  
Memphis On My Mind 4
Los Texmaniacs  
Cruzando Borders 4
Low Cut Connie  
Dirty Pictures (Part 2) 9
Among The Ghosts 3
Luke Winslow-King  
Blue Mesa 4
Lynn Taylor and The BarFlies  
Staggered 9
Mapache 10
Marcia Ball  
Shine Bright 16
Margo Price  
All American Made 17
Mariel Buckley  
Driving in the Dark 16
Mark Erelli  
Mixtape 4
Mark Huff  
Stars For Eyes 4
Martin Belmont  
Big Guitar 9
Marvin & Gentry  
Songs from Gholson Road 3
Mary Chapin Carpenter  
Sometimes Just The Sky 3
Mavis Staples  
If All I Was Was Black 9
Mia Dyson  
If I Said Only So Far I Take It Back 3
Michael McDermott  
Out From Under 4
Michael Simmons  
First Days of Summer 15
Michelle Malone  
Slings and Arrows 3
Mike and the Moonpies  
Steak Night at the Prairie Rose 4
Mike Gale  
Beachhead Galaxy 9
Milk Carton Kids  
All the Things That I Did and All the Things That I Didn't Do 4
Edges Run 4
Motel Mirrors  
In The Meantime 17
Nap Eyes  
I'm Bad Now 15
Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats  
Tearing At The Seams 9
Neko Case  
Hell-On 10
Nick Batterham  
Golden Boy 6
Nick Lowe  
Tokyo Bay / Crying Inside 6
Nick Moss Band  
The High Cost Of Low Living 9
Nicki Bluhm  
To Rise You Gotta Fall 9
NRBQ (Reissue) 13
Oberon Rose  
Tell Me All About It 15
Old Crow Medicine Show  
Volunteer 10
Pat Reedy and The Longtime Goners  
That's All There Is (And There Ain't No More) 4
Paul Messis  
Songs of Our Times 9
Paul Thorn  
Don't Let The Devil Ride 9
Pete Donnelly  
Phases of the Moon 15
Peter Karp  
Blue Flame 9
Peter Rowan  
Carter Stanley's Eyes 9
Pharis and Jason Romero  
Sweet Old Religion 4
Phil Cook  
People Are My Drug 6
Phil Yates and The Affiliates  
Party Music! 6
Silverlake 9
Rayland Baxter  
Wide Awake 4
Reese McHenry with Spider Bags  
Bad Girl 9
Reverend Freakchild  
Dial It In 4
Rob Clarke and The Wooltones  
Big Night Out 15
Robert Finley  
Goin' Platinum! 17
Rod Picott  
Out Past The Wires 8
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (1)  
Hope Downs 5
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (2)  
Talk Tight 6
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (3)  
The French Press 4
Rosie and The Riveters  
Ms. Behave 3
Ross Cooper  
I Rode The Wild Horses 4
Ry Cooder  
The Prodigal Son 16
Salad Boys  
This Is Glue 14
Sam Lewis  
Loversity 9
Sam Morrow  
Concrete And Mud 8
Sarah Shook and the Disarmers  
Years 15
Sarah White  
High Flyer 11
Shannon Shaw  
Shannon In Nashville 4
Sherman Ewing  
Come And Meet Me 10
12 9
soccer mommy  
Collection 10
Son Volt  
The Search (Deluxe Reissue) 8
Stephen Clair and The Pushbacks  
The Women I'm Not Married To (single) 4
Stephen Malkmus  
Sparkle Hard 8
Sunny War  
With the Sun 9
T-T-T-Technicolour Melodies! 5
What a Time to Be Alive 3
The Black Lips & The Khan Family  
Play Safe 9
The Blind Owls  
Four 15
The Brass Buttons  
Seven Seasons 14
The Carousels  
Sail Me Home, St. Clair 9
The Connection  
Wish You Success 15
The County Well  
Future Country 4
The Feelies  
In Between 10
The Fendermen  
Mule Skinner Blues 7
The Fleshtones  
Budget Buster 9
The Gracious Losers (1)  
Moonlight Parade (single) 4
The Gracious Losers (2)  
Where The River Meets The Sea (single) 5
The Hanging Stars  
Songs for Somewhere Else 15
The Hazeys  
Method (single) 6
The Hi-Risers  
My Kind Of Fun 15
The Jack Cades  
Music For Children 15
The Junior League  
Eventually Is Now 15
The Kennedys  
Safe Until Tomorrow 8
The Lemon Clocks  
Songs From Another Time 9
The Lied To's  
The Lesser of Two Evils 3
The Lovebirds  
Filled with Hate 15
The Love-Birds  
In The Lover's Corner 6
The Mammals  
Sunshiner 17
The Missing Season  
Frequency 9
The Morning Line  
Smoke 15
The Mother Hips  
Chorus 9
The Mulligan Brothers  
Songs For The Living and Otherwise 5
The National Reserve  
Motel La Grange 8
The Nude Party  
The Nude Party 6
The Pandoras  
Hey! It's the Pandoras 14
The President Lincoln  
Pilgrims and Aliens 14
The Rectangle Shades  
Again & Again My Love (single) 5
The Red Button  
Now It's All This! 9
The Rising Storm  
Calm Before... 10
The Senior Service  
King Cobra 8
The Skiffle Players  
Skifflin' 9
The Tillers  
The Tillers 9
The Vulgar Boatmen  
Wide Awake 11
The Weather Station  
The Weather Station 9
The Weight Band  
World Gone Mad 9
Thee Holy Brothers  
Elvis In Jerusalem / Woman Need Man 4
Thee Operators  
Thee Operators Ruined My Life 9
Tim Easton  
Paco & the Melodic Polaroids 9
Tommy Sistak  
Ready Set A Go-Go 9
Trampled by Turtles  
Life Is Good On The Open Road 9
Headlands 8
Twisted Pine  
Dreams 4
Two Tone Club  
Don't Look Back 9
Bob Brainen's WFMUzac 3
Various: Altered Sweet  
Altered Sweet: A Tribute to Matthew Sweet 15
Various: Funky Country  
Funky Country 5
Various: In Flight with Elmore James  
Strange Angels: In Flight with Elmore James 8
Various: Johnny Cash Forever Words  
Johnny Cash:  Forever Words 11
Various: Twelve String High Vol 2  
Twelve String High Vol 2 3
Webb Wilder  
Powerful Stuff 8
Western Centuries  
Songs from the Deluge 17
Whiskey Wolves Of The West  
Country Roots 4
Whitney Rose  
Rule 62 9
Will Stewart  
County Seat 4
Willie Nelson  
Last Man Standing 9
Wood & Wire  
North Of Despair 4
Wood Brothers  
One Drop of Truth 8
Wylie and The Wild West  
2000 Miles from Nashville 16
Yo La Tengo  
There's a Riot Going On 14
Young Valley  
Young Valley 8
The RFA Airplay Chart reflects actual spins on the Radio Free Americana broadcast for the indicated 7-day period.