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Welcome to RFA, where twang meets pop.  Free-form, commercial free radio featuring new releases of Americana/Alt. Country, Indie/College Rock, Power Pop, Blues/R&B/Soul, Roots Rock 'n Roll, Garage/Punk, Folk, Outsider, and more (or less)... From pure pop for now people to pure slop for cow people; from three chords and the truth to two chords and a sack of lies; non-discriminating free-form radio for the discriminating listener.

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Recent Additions to the Playlist
Release Date Artist


Title Label
2015-05-19 Bhiman, Bhi Artist homepage CD MP3 Rhythm & Reason Thirty Tigers
2015-05-19 Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds Artist homepage CD   The Weather Below Party Fowl / Thirty Tigers
2015-05-06 Reverend Freakchild Artist homepage    MP3 Hillbilly Zen-Punk Blues self
2015-05-05 Mandolin Orange Artist homepage  CD MP3 Such Jubilee Yep Roc
2015-04-30 Sipos, Dana Artist homepage   MP3 Roll Up The Night Muddy Roots
2015-04-28 Cash Box Kings, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Holding Court Blind Pig
2015-04-28 Lawson, Jerry Artist homepage  CD MP3 Just a Mortal Man Red Beet Records
2015-04-28 Parr, Charlie Artist homepage  CD MP3 Stumpjumper Red House
2015-04-21 Bluhm & The Gramblers, Nicki Artist homepage  CD MP3  Loved Wild Lost Ingrooves
2015-04-21 BoDeans Artist homepage CD   I Can't Stop Free & Alive Records
2015-04-21 Bucaro, Clarence Artist homepage CD   Like the 1st Time twenty twenty
2015-04-21 Cerny Brothers, The Artist homepage    MP3 Sleeping Giant Krian Music Group
2015-04-21 Green, William Clark Artist homepage CD MP3 Ringling Road Bill Grease / Thirty Tigers
2015-04-21 Honeycutters, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Me Oh My Organic
2015-04-21 Lewis, Sam Artist homepage CD   Waiting On You Brash
2015-04-21 Moreland, John Artist homepage  CD MP3 High on Tulsa Heat Old Omens
2015-04-21 Nighthawks, The Artist homepage CD   Back Porch Party Ellersoul
2015-04-21 Songs From The Road Band Artist homepage   MP3 Traveling Show Lucks Dumpy Toad
2015-04-21 Staples, Mavis Artist homepage  CD MP3 Your Good Fortune EP Anti
2015-04-21 Wonderland, Carolyn Artist homepage CD MP3 Live Texas Trio Bismeaux
2015-04-21 Zeman, Brock Artist homepage     Pulling Your Sword Out of the Devil's Back Busted Flat
2015-04-18 Miss Tess & The Talkbacks Artist homepage     One Match Fire (single) Signature Sounds
2015-04-17 Soap Opera, The Artist homepage     The Soap Opera Howlin Banana Records
2015-04-15 JeConte Artist homepage  CD MP3 Down By The Bayou Red Parlor
2015-04-15 Reno Jack The Bear Artist homepage   MP3 Lightning Fried Hwy 11
2015-04-14 Calexico Artist homepage  CD MP3 Edge of the Sun ANTI/Epitaph
2015-04-14 Hart, Beth Artist homepage  CD MP3 Better Than Home Provogue
2015-04-14 Leaf Rapids Artist homepage CD MP3 Lucky Stars Black Hen Music
2015-04-14 Monophonics Artist homepage  CD MP3 Sound of Sinning Transistor Sound
2015-04-14 Yoakam, Dwight Artist homepage  CD MP3 Second Hand Heart Warner Bros
2015-04-13 Belltowers, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Day Breakaway Twenty Stone Blatt
2015-04-13 Greezy Wheels Artist homepage     Unusual Thing MaHatMa
2015-04-13 Sha La La's, The Artist homepage    MP3 Your Blind Soul EP Detour Records
2015-04-10 Little Clara & Les Chacals Artist homepage     Un pas apres l'autre Q-Sounds Recording
2015-04-07 Boxmasters, The Artist homepage     Somewhere Down The Line 101 Ranch
2015-04-07 Grip Weeds, The Artist homepage  CD MP3  How I Won The War Jem Records
2015-04-07 Hubbard, Ray Wylie Artist homepage  CD MP3 Ruffian's Misfortune Bordello Records
2015-04-07 Jayhawks, The Artist homepage    MP3 Live at the Belly Up Belly Up Live
2015-04-07 LaFarge, Pokey Artist homepage  CD MP3 Something In The Water Rounder
2015-04-07 London Souls, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Here Come the Girls Feel
2015-04-07 Lord Huron Artist homepage  CD MP3 Strange Trails IAmSound
2015-04-07 Mountain Goats, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Beat The Champ Merge Records
2015-04-07 Rouse, Josh Artist homepage CD  MP3 The Embers of Time Yep Roc
2015-04-07 Verch, April Artist homepage   MP3 The Newpart Slab Town
2015-04-07 Vicari, Sam Artist homepage    MP3 Giving Up Sip City
2015-04-07 Waxahatchee Artist homepage  CD MP3 Ivy Tripp Merge
2015-04-07 Waterboys, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Modern Blues Kobalt
2015-04-07 Wilson, Brian Artist homepage CD MP3 No Pier Pressure Capitol
2015-04-07 Wilson, Cassandra Artist homepage  CD MP3 Coming Forth by Day Legacy
2015-04-05 Holcombe, Malcolm Artist homepage    MP3 The RCA Sessions Proper
2015-04-03 Smile Factory Artist homepage    MP3 There She Is (single) Futureman
2015-04-02 National, The Artist homepage    MP3 Soundshine on My Back (single) self
2015-04-01 Furious Seasons, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 My Love Is Strong Stonegarden
2015-03-31 Arbo & Daisy Mayhem, Rani Artist homepage  CD MP3  Violets Are Blue Signature Sounds
2015-03-31 Campbell, Glen Artist homepage  CD MP3 Rhinestone Cowboy 40th Anniversary Edition UMe
2015-03-31 Falco, Tav Artist homepage  CD MP3 Command Performance Twenty Stone Blatt
2015-03-31 Ford, Robben Artist homepage CD MP3 Into The Sun Provogue
2015-03-31 Furay, Richie Artist homepage  CD MP3 Hand in Hand Entertainment One
2015-03-31 Jamison, Chris Artist homepage   MP3 Lovecraft Future Spin
2015-03-31 Kennedys, The Artist homepage CD   West self
2015-03-31 Kitty, Daisy & Lewis Artist homepage CD MP3 The Third Sunday Best
2015-03-31 Malin, Jesse Artist homepage  CD MP3 New York Before the War One Little Indian
2015-03-31 Scaggs, Boz Artist homepage  CD MP3 A Fool To Care 429 Records
2015-03-31 Sexsmith, Ron Artist homepage  CD MP3 Carousel One Compass Records
2015-03-31 Sonics, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 This Is The Sonics Revox
2015-03-31 Starr, Ringo Artist homepage  CD MP3 Postcards From Paradise UMe
2015-03-31 Stevens, Sufjan Artist homepage  CD MP3  Carrie & Lowell Asthmatic Kitty
2015-03-31 Surf School Dropouts Artist homepage    MP3 Second Nature self
2015-03-31 Unswept, The Artist homepage     Peace of Mind / Magnet's Coil (single) Draco
2015-03-31 Walker, Ryley Artist homepage  CD MP3 Primrose Green Dead Oceans
2015-03-31 Whitmore, William Elliott Artist homepage  CD MP3 Radium Death ANTI
2015-03-30 Dr. Cosmo's Tape Lab Artist homepage     Beyond The Silver Sea Sugarbush Records
2015-03-30 Madcaps, The Artist homepage   MP3 The Madcaps Howlin' Banana Records
2015-03-30 Sleepwalkers, The Artist homepage     Mortimer b/w Choose Your Own Ending (single) self
2015-03-28 Meech, Sarah Gayle Artist homepage CD MP3 Tennessee Love Song self
2015-03-26 Trout Steak Revival Artist homepage    MP3 Brighter Every Day self
2015-03-25 Allen & His Extra Arms, Ryan Artist homepage CD MP3 Heart String Soul self
2015-03-25 Bobby Jealousy Artist homepage     Welcome Back self
2015-03-24 Hanlon, Darren Artist homepage  CD MP3 Where Did You Come From? Yep Roc
2015-03-24 Humming House Artist homepage  CD MP3 Revelries Rock Ridge
2015-03-24 Love Axe Artist homepage  CD MP3  South Dakota New Granada
2015-03-24 Marling, Laura Artist homepage CD MP3 Short Movie Ribbon
2015-03-24 Morrison, Van Artist homepage  CD MP3 Duets: Re-Working the Catalogue Exile / RCA
2015-03-24 Various Artists Artist homepage   MP3 Classic American Ballads from Smithsonian Folkways Smithsonian Folkways
2015-03-23 Adventures In Bluesland Artist homepage   MP3 The American Dream World Wide Vibe
2015-03-23 Barnett, Courtney Artist homepage  CD MP3 Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit Mom & Pop
2015-03-24 Cactus Blossoms, The Artist homepage 45   You're Dreaming (7" vinyl single) self
2015-03-24 Honeywagen Artist homepage CD   Jamboree Rock O Plane / Kool Kat
2015-03-24 Langston, Grant Artist homepage     Hope You're Happy Now California Roots Union
2015-03-23 Feufollet Artist homepage CD MP3 Two Universes self
2015-03-23 Myhr, David Artist homepage    MP3 Veronica / Oh Susie (single) Monogram Recordings
2015-03-23 O'Donovan, Aoife; Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz Artist homepage    MP3 Crossing Muddy Waters (single) Sugar Hill
2015-03-23 Steel Wheels, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Leave Some Things Behind self
2015-03-23 Striking Matches Artist homepage CD MP3  Nothing But The Silence Crush / IRS
2015-03-23 Vetiver Artist homepage  CD MP3 Complete Strangers Easy Sound Recording
2015-03-21 Ballard Artist homepage     We Are Violence self
2015-03-21 Dustaphonics, The Artist homepage   MP3 Party Girl EP Q-Sounds Recording
2015-03-20 Davenports, The Artist homepage     Five Steps '15 + Away From Me EP self
2015-03-20 Lekites, Jared Artist homepage   MP3 Five Separate Lives self
2015-03-17 Alectro Artist homepage CD MP3 School of Desire BeBop Records
2015-03-17 Avett, Seth; Jessica Lea Mayfield Artist homepage CD MP3 Sing Elliott Smith Ramseur
2015-03-17 Band Of Ruhks Artist homepage    MP3 Band Of Ruhks 101 Ranch
2015-03-17 Bavas, David Artist homepage    MP3 Lions & Lambs self
2015-03-17 Boggs Band, Paula Artist homepage   MP3 Carnival of Miracles self
2015-03-17 Houndmouth Artist homepage CD MP3 Little Neon Limelight Rough Trade
2015-03-17 Knopfler, Mark Artist homepage  CD MP3 Tracker Universal
2015-03-17 Longely, Liz Artist homepage CD MP3 Liz Longely Sugar Hill
2015-03-17 Moorer, Allison Artist homepage CD MP3 Down to Believing Entertainment One
2015-03-17 Pine Hill Project, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Tomorrow You're Going Signature Sounds
2015-03-17 Ruby & The Rhythm Runners, Greg Artist homepage CD MP3 Washington Hall Stomp self
2015-03-17 Shoebox Letters Artist homepage   MP3 Buckle Up self
2015-03-17 Sol Driven Train Artist homepage     Dance self
2015-03-17 Stone Jack Jones Artist homepage CD MP3 Love & Torture Western Vinyl
2015-03-17 Stone's Lomax Project, Jayme Artist homepage CD MP3 Jayme Stone's Lomax Project Borealis
2015-03-16 Daydream Club, The Artist homepage    MP3 Saltwater (single) Poco Poco Records
2015-03-14 Piunti, Nick Artist homepage CD MP3 Beyond The Static self
2015-03-14 Spuyten Duyvil Artist homepage   MP3 The Social Music Hour Vol. I self
2015-03-12 Romero, Pharis and Jason Artist homepage   MP3  A Wanderer I'll Stay Lula Records
2015-03-12 Various Artists Artist homepage     A Decouvrir Absolument Hors Serie #11 Tribute to R.E.M. indie
2015-03-10 Abernathy, Kevin Artist homepage    MP3 Ain't Learned Yet Life Socket
2015-03-10 Butler, Will Artist homepage  CD MP3 Policy Merge Records
2015-03-10 Figgs, The Artist homepage    MP3 Other Planes of Here Stomper Music
2015-03-10 McCrary Sisters, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Let's Go MC Records / Thirty Tigers
2015-03-10 Minus 5, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Dungeon Golds Yep Roc
2015-03-10 Nicole, Danielle Artist homepage  CD MP3 Danielle Nicole (EP) Concord
2015-03-10 Pug, Joe Artist homepage CD MP3 Windfall Lightning Rod
2015-03-10 So, Kevin Artist homepage   MP3 Countryside Wingbone
2015-03-10 Weeklings, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Weeklings Jem Recordings

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Coming Soon

Release Date Artist


Title Label
every week Sean, Timmy Artist homepage     Songs of the Week self
2015-04-18 Bubbles In The Think Tank (Various) Artist homepage     7 Inches In Heaven - another record about records (7" vinyl) BITTT
2015-04-18 Loveless, Lydia; Cory Branan Artist homepage     I Would Die 4 U / Under The Cherry Moon (7" vinyl) Bloodshot Records
2015-04-18 Price 3, Len Artist homepage     Walking On Your Head (single)  
2015-04-18 Snider, Todd Artist homepage     Backlash / Shattered (7" vinyl)  
2015-04-21 Alabama Shakes Artist homepage CD MP3 Sound & Color ATO Records
2015-04-21 Great Lake Swimmers Artist homepage  CD MP3 A Forest of Arms Nettwerk Records
2015-04-21 Low Cut Connie Artist homepage  CD MP3 Hi Honey Ardent / Contender
2015-04-21 Mathus, Jimbo Artist homepage CD   Blue Healer Fat Possum
2015-04-21 Various Artists Artist homepage     Even More Superhits of the Seventies WFMU / Michael Shelley
2015-04-21 Williams, Dar Artist homepage     Emerald  
Future Releases

Release Date



Title Label
2015-04-27 Martin, Ryan Artist homepage     For All The Beautiful Losers self
2015-04-28 Grebe & Cold Country, Todd Artist homepage     Citizen self
2015-04-28 Viola, Mike Artist homepage     Stairway to Paradise (7" vinyl) PAX AM
2015-05-01 Travel Lanes Artist homepage     Let's Begin To Start Again self
2015-05-04 Best Coast Artist homepage  CD MP3 California Nights Harvest
2015-05-04 Mumford & Sons Artist homepage  CD MP3  Wilder Mind Glassnote
2015-05-04 My Morning Jacket Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Waterfall Capitol Records
2015-05-04 Stapleton, Chris Artist homepage  CD MP3 Traveller Mercury Nashville
2015-05-05 Lynne, Shelby Artist homepage  CD MP3 I Can't Imagine Rounder
2015-05-05 Word, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Soul Food Vanguard
2015-05-12 LaFave, Jimmy Artist homepage     The Night Tribe Music Road
2015-05-12 Miller, Rhett Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Traveler [feat. Black Prairie] ATO Records
2015-05-12 The Tallest Man On Earth Artist homepage  CD MP3  Dark Bird Is Home Dead Oceans
2015-05-19 Milk Carton Kids, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Monterey ANTI / Epitaph
2015-05-19 Morgan and the 78's, Whitey Artist homepage    MP3 Sonic Ranch self
2015-05-19 Parker and the Rumour, Graham Artist homepage CD   Mystery Glue UMe
2015-05-19 Saun & Starr Artist homepage  CD MP3 Look Closer Daptone Records
2015-05-19 Wartime Blues Artist homepage     April, Texas  
2015-05-19 Weller, Paul Artist homepage  CD MP3 Saturns Pattern Parlophone UK
2015-05-22 Caddy Artist homepage     Wherever You Go Vestkyst
2015-05-22 Wynntown Marshalls, The Artist homepage     The End of the Golden Age Blue Rose
2015-05-26 Edmunds, Dave Artist homepage CD   Rags & Classics RPM 
2015-05-26 Jewell, Eilen Artist homepage     Sundown Over Ghost Town Signature Sounds
2015-05-26 Unknown Mortal Orchestra Artist homepage  CD MP3 Multi-Love Jagjaguwar
2015-06-01 Danny and The Champions of the World Artist homepage     What Kind of Love  
2015-06-02 Dawes Artist homepage CD  MP3  All Your Favorite Bands HUB
2015-06-02 Stamey, Chris Artist homepage     Euphoria Yep Roc
2015-06-03 Dyson, Mia Artist homepage  CD   Idyllwild Black Door
2015-06-09 Honeyhoney Artist homepage     3 Rounder
2015-06-09 National Parks, The Artist homepage     Until I Live  
2015-06-12 Corner Laughers, The Artist homepage     Matilda Effect self
2015-08-25 Greene, Jackie Artist homepage     Back to Birth Yep Roc
2015 Birds Of Chicago Artist homepage     Real Midnight  
2015 King Jartur & His Lords Artist homepage     Ah de la Almena! Bickerton (SP)
2015 Roaring Juniors, The Artist homepage     Bomb Pop self
2015 Scanlan, Martha Artist homepage     The Shape of Things Gone Missing, The Shape of Things to Come self
2015 Unswept, The Artist homepage     The Unswept Today! Draco
2015 Various Artists Artist homepage     Lost Hits of the '80s Vandalay

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