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Welcome to RFA, where twang meets pop.  Free-form, commercial free radio featuring new releases of Americana/Alt. Country, Indie/College Rock, Power Pop, Blues/R&B/Soul, Roots Rock 'n Roll, Garage/Punk, Folk, Outsider, and more (or less)... From pure pop for now people to pure slop for cow people; from three chords and the truth to two chords and a sack of lies; non-discriminating free-form radio for the discriminating listener.

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Recent Additions to the Playlist
Release Date Artist


Title Label
2016-07-15 Nightowls, The Artist homepage   MP3 Royal Sessions Super Sonic Sounds
2016-07-08 Paul, Ray Artist homepage CD MP3 Whimsicality Permanent Press
2016-06-24 Felice Brothers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Life in the Dark Yep Roc
2016-06-24 Western Centuries Artist homepage CD   Weight of the World Free Dirt
2016-06-17 Greenberger, David; Keith Spring; Dinty Child Artist homepage CD   Take Me Where I Don't Know I Am PelPel Recordings
2016-06-17 Morgan, Clint Artist homepage   MP3 Scofflaw Lost Cause
2016-06-17 O'Keefe, Chet Artist homepage     Because of You Scarlet
2016-06-10 Colvin & Earle Artist homepage CD MP3 Colvin & Earle Fantasy/Concord
2016-06-10 Faye & The Fayettes, Charlie Artist homepage CD   Charlie Faye & The Fayettes self
2016-06-10 Monkees, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Good Times! Rhino
2016-06-10 Patterson, Esme Artist homepage CD MP3 We Were Wild Grand Jury Music
2016-06-10 Reed, Eli Paperboy Artist homepage CD MP3 My Way Home Yep Roc
2016-06-07 Roosevelt Dime Artist homepage     Red Shoes self
2016-06-03 Bell, William Artist homepage CD MP3 This Is Where I Live Stax
2016-06-03 Ellis, Robert Artist homepage CD MP3 Robert Ellis New West
2016-06-03 Leland Sundries Artist homepage CD MP3 Music for Outcasts L'Echiquier
2016-06-03 Lonely Heartstring Band Artist homepage CD MP3 Deep Waters Rounder
2016-06-03 Mason Porter Artist homepage     Heart of the Mountains self
2016-06-03 Stoneking, C.W. Artist homepage CD   Gon' Boogaloo King Hokum
2016-06-03 Williams, Andre Artist homepage CD   I Wanna Go Back To Detroit City Bloodshot
2016-05-27 Big Thief Artist homepage CD MP3 Masterpiece Saddle Creek
2016-05-27 Bishop, Bonnie Artist homepage CD MP3 Ain't Who I Was Plan BB
2016-05-27 White, Tony Joe Artist homepage CD MP3 Rain Crow Yep Roc
2016-05-27 Yarn Artist homepage CD   This Is The Year Redbush 
2016-05-23 Pale Lights Artist homepage CD MP3 Seance For Something EP self
2016-05-20 Bucaro, Clarence Artist homepage CD   Pendulum Twenty Twenty
2016-05-20 Clapton, Eric Artist homepage CD MP3 I Still Do Bushbranch/Surfdog
2016-05-20 Dylan, Bob Artist homepage CD MP3 Fallen Angels Columbia
2016-05-20 Fallon Cush Artist homepage CD MP3 Bee in Your Bonnet self
2016-05-20 Honeycutters, The Artist homepage   MP3 On the Ropes Organic
2016-05-20 Mudcrutch Artist homepage CD MP3 2 Reprise
2016-05-20 Popovic, Ana Artist homepage CD MP3 Trilogy ArtisteXclusive
2016-05-20 Posies, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Solid States My Music Empire
2016-05-20 Quaker City Night Hawks Artist homepage CD MP3 El Astronauta Lightning Rod
2016-05-20 Reverend Freakchild Artist homepage     Illogical Optimism Treated and Released
2016-05-20 Womack, Tommy Artist homepage   MP3 NAMASTE self
2016-05-19 Estepa, & The Tempe Two, Bryan Artist homepage CD MP3 Every Little Thing Lilystars
2016-05-18 Arvidson & Butterflies H CD MP3 Arvidson & Butterflies Ice Cream Man
2016-05-17 Atkins & The Honky
Tonk Kind, Ken
Artist homepage     This Train Sound Job Austin
2016-05-16 Carpenter and The Cuban Heels, Michael Artist homepage CD MP3 Ain't Nothing Left To Say self
2016-05-16 Kerosene Stars Artist homepage   MP3 A Million Little Trees self
2016-05-15 El Palacio De Linares Artist homepage   MP3 Ataque de Amor Pretty Olivia
2016-05-13 Figgs, The Artist homepage     On The Slide Stomper 
2016-05-13 Fruit Bats Artist homepage CD MP3 Absolute Loser Easy Sound/Welk
2016-05-13 Gretchen's Wheel Artist homepage CD MP3 Behind the Curtain self
2016-05-13 Hard Working Americans Artist homepage CD MP3 Rest in Chaos Melvin
2016-05-13 Mason, Ray Artist homepage     The Shy Requester Captivating Music
2016-05-13 Scorch, Al Artist homepage CD MP3 Circle Round The Signs Bloodshot
2016-05-13 Scott, Darrell Artist homepage CD MP3 Couchville Sessions Full Light
2016-05-13 Those Pretty Wrongs Artist homepage CD MP3 Those Pretty Wrongs Ardent
2016-05-13 Twin Peaks Artist homepage CD MP3 Down in Heaven Grand Jury
2016-05-13 Wild Ponies Artist homepage CD MP3 Radiant No Evil
2016-05-06 Carpenter, Mary Chapin Artist homepage CD MP3 The Things That We Are Made Of Lambert Light
2016-05-06 Deck, Jared Artist homepage CD MP3 Jared Deck RED
2016-05-06 Drucker, Jonny Artist homepage   MP3 Jonny Drucker Bandit Susan
2016-05-06 Eldred Trio, Mike Artist homepage CD MP3 Baptist Town Great Western
2016-05-06 Ladin Band, Evie Artist homepage     Jump the Fire self
2016-05-06 Lauper, Cyndi Artist homepage CD MP3 Detour Rhino
2016-05-06 Moreland & Arbuckle Artist homepage CD MP3 Promised Land or Bust Alligator
2016-05-06 Mountain Heart Artist homepage CD MP3 Blue Skies Compass
2016-05-06 Purpose, Darryl Artist homepage     Still the Birds Blue Rock
2016-05-06 Rides, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Pierced Arrow Savoy
2016-05-06 Whitehorse Artist homepage CD MP3 The Northern South Vol. 1 Six Shooter
2016-05-05 Lee & The Breakups, Beth Artist homepage   MP3 Keep Your Mouth Shut self
2016-05-03 Nail, Jeremy Artist homepage     My Mountain Open Nine Music
2016-05-03 Tommy and The Rockets Artist homepage CD MP3 Beer & Fun & Rock 'n Roll self
2016-05-02 Pizzitola, Jimmy Artist homepage   MP3 The Choctaw Wildfire Sessions Supahit
2016-04-29 Above, The Artist homepage   MP3  There Is A Reason Hidden Volume
2016-04-29 Bo-Keys, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Heartaches By The Number Omnivore
2016-04-29 Doe, John Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Westerner Cool Rock
2016-04-29 Draper, Linda Artist homepage   MP3 Modern Day Decay self
2016-04-29 Jayhawks, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Paging Mr. Proust Thirty Tigers 
2016-04-29 Kenney, Mo Artist homepage   MP3 In My Dreams self
2016-04-29 Lucas, Austin Artist homepage CD   Between The Moon and The Midwest Last Chance
2016-04-29 Sugar Blue Artist homepage CD MP3 Voyage MC
2016-04-26 Insley, Dave Artist homepage   MP3 Just The Way That I Am DIR
2016-04-25 Feddersen, Robert Rolfe Artist homepage     My Terri Ann self
2016-04-23 Kelly, Paul Artist homepage CD MP3 Seven Sonnets & A Song Cooking Vinyl
2016-04-22 Farmington Hill Artist homepage     More Rock Than Eagle Block self
2016-04-22 Fruition Artist homepage CD MP3 Labor of Love Randm
2016-04-22 Higher State, The Artist homepage   MP3 Volume 27 13 O'Clock
2016-04-22 Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers Artist homepage CD   Ugly Mobile Dirty Water
2016-04-22 Hoke, Derek Artist homepage     Southern Moon Little Hollywood
2016-04-22 Last Train H     Back Again self
2016-04-22 Leavitt & The Elevation, Nate Artist homepage   MP3 Someone Send a Signal T.I.B.S.
2016-04-22 Lloyd, Bill Artist homepage CD MP3 Lloyd-ering Spyderpop
2016-04-22 Wilber, Jason Artist homepage     Echoes self

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Coming Soon

Release Date Artist


Title Label
2016-06-17 case/lang/veirs Artist homepage CD MP3 case/lang/veirs ANTI
2016-06-24 Avett Brothers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 True Sadness Republic
2016-06-24 Carlos, Bun E. Artist homepage CD   Greetings From Bunezuela! eOne
Future Releases

Release Date



Title Label
2016-07-15 Easton, Tim Artist homepage     American Fork Last Chance
2016-07-22 Look Park Artist homepage CD MP3 Look Park Yep Roc
2016-09 Handsome Family, The Artist homepage     Unseen  
2016 Dayton, Jesse Artist homepage     TBA  
2016 Explorers Club, The Artist homepage     Together self
2016 Flat Five, The H     TBA  
2016 Gale, Mike; Llona V Artist homepage     Dream Pool Battle
2016 Legal Matters, The Artist homepage     Conrad Futureman 
2016 Los Texmaniacs Artist homepage     TBA  
2016 Motel Mirrors Artist homepage     TBA  
2016 Piunti, Nick Artist homepage     TBA  
TBA Honeychain Artist homepage     TBA  
TBA Young Sinclairs, The Artist homepage     7" vinyl TBA You Are The Cosmos

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