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Welcome to RFA, where twang meets pop.  Free-form, commercial free radio featuring new releases of Americana/Alt. Country, Indie/College Rock, Power Pop, Blues/R&B/Soul, Roots Rock 'n Roll, Garage/Punk, Folk, Outsider, and more (or less)... From pure pop for now people to pure slop for cow people; from three chords and the truth to two chords and a sack of lies; non-discriminating free-form radio for the discriminating listener.

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Recent Additions to the Playlist
Release Date Artist


Title Label
2015-10-02 Mipso Artist homepage   MP3 Old Time Reverie Robust
2015-09-25 Myles, David Artist homepage     So Far Little Tiny
2015-09-25 Zonn, Andrea Artist homepage CD MP3 Rise Compass
2015-09-18 Alvin, Dave & Phil Artist homepage CD MP3 Lost Time Yep Roc
2015-09-18 Dr. John Artist homepage CD   The Atco/Atlantic Singles 1968-1974 Omnivore
2015-09-18 Surreal McCoys Artist homepage     The Howl & The Growl self
2015-09-18 Sweany, Patrick Artist homepage   MP3 Daytime Turned To Nighttime Nine Mile
2015-09-11 California Honeydrops, The Artist homepage  CD   A River's Invitation Tubtone
2015-09-11 Cook, Phil Artist homepage CD  MP3 Southland Mission Thirty Tigers
2015-09-11 Copeland, Shemekia Artist homepage CD MP3 Outskirts of Love Alligator
2015-09-11 Heath & The Greedy Souls, Jason Artist homepage   MP3 A Season Undone Still Small
2015-09-11 Legendary Shack Shakers Artist homepage CD MP3 The Southern Surreal Alternative Tentacles
2015-09-11 Plaine, Austin Artist homepage CD  MP3 Austin Plaine Washington Square
2015-09-04 Bern, Dan Artist homepage CD   Hoody self
2015-09-04 Gordon, Kevin Artist homepage     Long Gone Time self
2015-09-04 Neilson, Tami Artist homepage CD MP3 Dynamite! Outside Music
2015-09-04 Pugwash Artist homepage CD   Play This Intimately (As If Among Friends) Omnivore
2015-09-04 Shelley, Joan Artist homepage CD MP3 Over and Even No Quarter
2015-09-01 Dahlmanns, The Artist homepage     He's A Drag b/w Teenage News (single) Ghost Highway
2015-08-28 Canales, Lance Artist homepage CD   The Blessing and The Curse Music Road
2015-08-28 Andy T - Nick Nixon Band Artist homepage CD  MP3 Numbers Man Blind Pig
2015-08-28 Harmon, Zac Artist homepage CD  MP3 Right Man Right Now Blind Pig
2015-08-28 Hulburt, John Artist homepage CD MP3 Opus III Tompkins Square
2015-08-28 Latham, Jacob Artist homepage     Burn self
2015-08-28 Ravines, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Everything's Fine self
2015-08-28 Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes Artist homepage CD MP3 Soultime Leroy 
2015-08-28 Yo La Tengo Artist homepage CD MP3 Stuff Like That There Matador
2015-08-25 Hamilton, Ryan Artist homepage    MP3 Hell of a Day Fanny Pack
2015-08-24 Alphin, Clint Artist homepage   MP3 Postmodern Man Ernest Engine
2015-08-21 Beat Caravan Artist homepage   MP3 Odd Harmony Sunny Day
2015-08-21 Bellfuries, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Workingman's Bellfuries Hi-Style
2015-08-21 Cason, Buzz Artist homepage CD MP3 Record Machine Plowboy
2015-08-21 Crenshaw, Marshall Artist homepage  CD MP3 #392: The EP Collection Red River
2015-08-21 Fleck, Bela; Abigail Washburn Artist homepage   MP3 Banjo Banjo EP New Rounder
2015-08-21 Greene, Jackie Artist homepage CD MP3 Back to Birth Yep Roc
2015-08-21 Holly Golightly Artist homepage    MP3 Slowtown Now! Damaged Goods
2015-08-21 James, Jason Artist homepage CD MP3 Jason James New West
2015-08-21 Potty Mouth Artist homepage    MP3 Potty Mouth EP Planet Whatever
2015-08-21 Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Nathaniel Artist homepage  CD MP3 Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats Stax
2015-08-21 Raving Beauties, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Raving Beauties At The Helm
2015-08-21 Rose, Whitney Artist homepage CD MP3  Heartbreaker of the Year Cameron House
2015-08-21 Whitfield & The Savages, Barrence Artist homepage CD MP3 Under The Savage Sky Bloodshot
2015-08-21 Wilco Artist homepage CD MP3 Star Wars ANTI
2015-08-20 Needy Sons, The H   MP3 Too Thin / Red Line (single) self 
2015-08-20 New Trocaderos, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Thrills & Chills self
2015-08-20 Roaring Juniors, The Artist homepage   MP3 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (single) self
2015-08-18 Barreracudas, The H     Can Do Easy Oops Baby
2015-08-18 Marble, DL Artist homepage   MP3 Hard To Quit self
2015-08-15 Los Deltonos Artist homepage   MP3 Salud! FOLC
2015-08-14 Allrightniks, The Artist homepage   MP3 Two Places At One Time Grandin Road Music
2015-08-14 Baxter, Rayland Artist homepage CD MP3 Imaginary Man ATO
2015-08-14 Cleary, Jon Artist homepage CD MP3 GoGo Juice FHQ
2015-08-14 Dr. Cosmo's Tape Lab Artist homepage CD MP3 Coconut Summer Drop-In 432 self
2015-08-14 Monophonics Artist homepage     Trip To The Stix (single) self
2015-08-14 Muffs, The Artist homepage CD   The Muffs [Remastered & Expanded] Omnivore
2015-08-14 Nada Surf Artist homepage   MP3 Live at the Neptune Theatre Mardev
2015-08-14 Picott, Rod Artist homepage CD MP3 Fortune Welding Rod
2015-08-14 Various Artists Artist homepage  CD MP3 True Detective: Music From The HBO Series Harvest
2015-08-14 Waifs, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Beautiful You Compass
2015-08-12 Deadbeat Poets H     Joe The Mynah Bird (single) KOTJ
2015-08-11 Easterling, Angela Artist homepage CD   Common Law Wife De L'est
2015-08-10 Tallent Brothers, The Artist homepage     Back On The Old Stuff self
2015-08-08 Gale, Mike Artist homepage   MP3 Another Planet Battle Worldwide
2015-08-07 Allman, Gregg Artist homepage CD MP3 Live: Back to Macon, GA Rounder
2015-08-07 Ballantynes, The Artist homepage   MP3 Dark Drives, Life Signs La-Ti-Da
2015-08-07 Best, Brent Artist homepage CD MP3 Your Dog Champ Last Chance
2015-08-07 Bombon Artist homepage     A Date With Bombon Burger
2015-08-07 Demarco, Mac Artist homepage CD MP3 Another One Captured Tracks
2015-08-07 Dement, Iris Artist homepage CD MP3 The Trackless Woods FlairElla
2015-08-07 Jigsaw Seen, The Artist homepage   MP3 Have a Wonderful Day Vibro-phonic
2015-08-07 Langhorne Slim & The Law Artist homepage CD MP3 The Spirit Moves Dualtone
2015-08-07 Ortega, Lindi Artist homepage CD MP3 Faded Gloryville Last Gang
2015-08-07 Powell & The Messengers, Leroy Artist homepage CD MP3 The Overlords of the Cosmic Revelation Cleopatra
2015-08-07 Statesboro Revue, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Jukehouse Revival Shalley
2015-08-07 Summer Children Artist homepage     Summer Children Karma Frog
2015-08-07 Tyler, Jonathan Artist homepage CD MP3 Holy Smokes Timeless Echo
2015-08-07 Ultimate Painting Artist homepage CD MP3 Green Lanes Trouble In Mind
2015-08-05 Link Montana and the Rough Riders Artist homepage     Joe's (reissue) Rhythm Dog
2015-08-04 Bopp, Andy Artist homepage    MP3 21213 Dren
2015-08-04 Cloud Eleven Artist homepage   MP3 Record Collection West Coast
2015-08-04 National Parks, The Artist homepage   MP3 Until I Live Groundloop
2015-08-03 Ned Van Go Artist homepage     The Dirt and The Sun self
2015-08-01 Rosenthal, Tokyo Artist homepage   MP3 Afterlife Rock & Sock
2015-07-31 Guy, Buddy Artist homepage CD MP3 Born To Play Guitar RCA
2015-07-31 Romano, Daniel Artist homepage CD  MP3 If I've Only One Time Askin' New West
2015-07-31 Small Square, The Artist homepage CD MP3 The Small Square LMR Music
2015-07-31 Various Artists Artist homepage     Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More: Got It Licked Ice Cream Man
2015-07-30 Maple Woods, The Artist homepage     From West Harwich With Love (reissue) Rhythm Dog
2015-07-30 Milnes, Jesse; Emily Miller Artist homepage     Deep End Sessions, Volume II Deep End Sessions
2015-07-29 Thomas & The Volcanos, Jr. Artist homepage   MP3 Get A Hold Of You (single) Truth & Soul
2015-07-28 Harris, Brady Artist homepage   MP3 Ukulele Days Lampshade
2015-07-27 Baylin, Jessie Artist homepage   MP3 He Needs Me (single) Blonde Rat
2015-07-27 Borges, Sarah Artist homepage   MP3 On the Corner (single) Dry Lightning
2015-07-27 Crowell, Rodney Artist homepage   MP3 Reckless (single) New West
2015-07-27 Deer Tick Artist homepage   MP3 Grandfather Song (single) self
2015-07-27 Hiatt, John Artist homepage   MP3 Dust Down A Country Road (single) Vector Recordings
2015-07-27 Lowe, Nick Artist homepage   MP3 I Read a Lot (single) Yep Roc
2015-07-24 Bains III & The Glory Fires, Lee Artist homepage   MP3 Sweet Disorder! (single) Sub Pop
2015-07-24 Chambers, Kasey Artist homepage CD MP3 Bittersweet Sugar Hill
2015-07-24 Cummings, Albert Artist homepage CD MP3 Someone Like You Blind Pig
2015-07-24 Ducktails H CD MP3 St. Catherine Domino
2015-07-24 Dustbowl Revival, The Artist homepage CD MP3 With A Lampshade On Signature Sounds
2015-07-24 Haynes, Warren Artist homepage CD MP3 Ashes & Dust (featuring Railroad Earth) Concord
2015-07-24 Helm, Amy Artist homepage CD MP3 Didn't It Rain eOne
2015-07-24 Lowest Pair, The Artist homepage CD MP3 I Reckon I'm Fixin' on Kickin' Round to Pick a Little Team Love
2015-07-24 Maharajas, The Artist homepage   MP3 Just Let Him Go (single) Moody Monkey
2015-07-24 Mandell, Eleni Artist homepage CD MP3 Dark Lights Up Yep Roc
2015-07-24 Milagro Saints Artist homepage     Tupelo Moon Caravan
2015-07-24 Monroe, Ashley Artist homepage CD MP3 The Blade Warner
2015-07-24 Needy Sons, The H   MP3 The Swimmer / Superficial Kid (single) self 
2015-07-24 Old Man Luedecke Artist homepage CD MP3 Domestic Eccentric True North
2015-07-24 Pousette-Dart, Jon Artist homepage CD MP3 Talk BFD
2015-07-24 Primer and Special Friends, John Artist homepage CD MP3 Muddy Waters 100 Raisin' Music
2015-07-24 Watkins Family Hour Artist homepage CD MP3 Watkins Family Hour WFH / Thirty Tigers
2015-07-23 Loveless, Lydia Artist homepage   MP3 Folkadelphia Session 9/25/14 Folkadelphia
2015-07-22 Link Montana & The Roamin' Catholics Artist homepage     Way Out East (reissue) Rhythm Dog
2015-07-22 Lloyd, Bill Artist homepage   MP3 Miracle Mile EP Whole-In-One

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Coming Soon

Release Date Artist


Title Label
every week Sean, Timmy Artist homepage     Songs of the Week self
2015-08-28 Faces, The H CD MP3 1970-1975: You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything... [box set] Rhino
2015-08-28 Midwest Beat, The Artist homepage     Carol Anne b/w Jackie Whitch self
2015-08-28 Ramirez, David Artist homepage  CD MP3 Fables Thirty Tigers
2015-09-04 Arcs, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Yours, Dreamily. Nonesuch
2015-09-04 Damn Quails, The Artist homepage   MP3 Out of the Birdcage Swomp Fyst
2015-09-04 Davies, Dave Artist homepage CD   Rippin' Up NYC: Live at the City Winery Red River
2015-09-04 Keene, Tommy Artist homepage   MP3 Laugh In The Dark Second Motion
2015-09-04 Mayall, John Artist homepage CD MP3 Find a Way to Care Forty Below
2015-09-04 Widowspeak Artist homepage CD MP3 All Yours Captured Tracks
Future Releases

Release Date



Title Label
2015-09-11 Clark Jr., Gary Artist homepage CD MP3 The Story of Sonny Boy Slim Warner Bros.
2015-09-11 Finn, Craig Artist homepage CD MP3 Faith In The Future Partisan
2015-09-11 Folds, Ben Artist homepage CD MP3 So There New West
2015-09-11 Levinger, Lowell "Banana" Artist homepage     Get Together: Banana Recalls Youngbloods Classics Grandpa Raccoon 
2015-09-11 Low Artist homepage CD MP3 Ones and Sixes Sub Pop
2015-09-11 Rosellys, The Artist homepage     The Granary Sessions  
2015-09-11 Texas Tornados Artist homepage CD   A Little Bit Is Better Than Nada: Prime Cuts 1990-1996 Real Gone
2015-09-12 Maureens, The Artist homepage     Bang The Drum Kool Kat Musik
2015-09-12 Sonicbouquet Artist homepage     Secret Garden Blackberry Way
2015-09-18 Bramblett, Randall Artist homepage CD MP3 Devil Music New West
2015-09-18 Ely, Joe Artist homepage CD   Panhandle Rambler Rack'em 
2015-09-18 Felice, Simone Artist homepage     From The Violent Banks Of The Kaaterskill Mighty Hudson
2015-09-18 Forster, Robert Artist homepage CD   Songs To Play Tapete
2015-09-18 Case Hardin Artist homepage   MP3 Colours Simple Clubhouse UK
2015-09-18 Love, Darlene Artist homepage CD MP3 Introducing Darlene Love Columbia
2015-09-18 Lucero Artist homepage   MP3 All A Man Should Do ATO
2015-09-18 Mallonee, Bill Artist homepage     Slow Trauma self
2015-09-18 Rawlings Machine, Dave Artist homepage CD   Nashville Obsolete Acony
2015-09-18 Roger Lion (Joe Pernice & Budo) Artist homepage  CD MP3 Roger Lion Team Love
2015-09-18 Turnpike Troubadours Artist homepage   MP3 Turnpike Troubadours Bossier City
2015-09-18 Various Artists Artist homepage CD MP3 Daptone Gold II Daptone
2015-09-25 Baird & Homemade Sin, Dan Artist homepage     Get Loud  
2015-09-25 Baker, Kurt Artist homepage     Play It Cool Rum Bar
2015-09-25 Colvin, Shawn Artist homepage   MP3 Uncovered Fantasy
2015-09-25 Dean, Larry O. Artist homepage CD MP3 Good Grief Zenith Beast
2015-09-25 Griffin, Patty Artist homepage CD   Servant of Love Thirty Tigers
2015-09-25 Los Lobos Artist homepage CD   Gates of Gold 429
2015-09-25 Pollies, The Artist homepage CD   Not Here Single Lock
2015-09-25 Robillard, Duke Artist homepage CD   The Acoustic Blues & Roots of Duke Robillard Stony Plain
2015-09-25 Wilder, Webb Artist homepage CD   Mississippi Moderne Landslide
2015-10-02 Black Lillies, The Artist homepage     Hard to Please Thirty Tigers
2015-10-02 Blitzen Trapper Artist homepage CD   All Across This Land Vagrant
2015-10-02 Bottle Rockets Artist homepage     South Broadway Athletic Club Bloodshot
2015-10-02 Christopher The Conquered Artist homepage     A Passing Melody  
2015-10-02 Jackson, Joe Artist homepage CD   Fast Forward Sharp Practice 
2015-10-02 Miriam Artist homepage     Down Today Norton
2015-10-02 Smash Palace Artist homepage     Some Kind of Magic  
2015-10-02 Tarmac Adam Artist homepage     In Place self
2015-10-02 Wood Brothers, The Artist homepage     Paradise  
2015-10-09 Doillon, Lou Artist homepage     Lay Low  
2015-10-09 Malin, Jesse Artist homepage     Outsiders One Little Indian / Velvet Elk
2015-10-09 Nash, Israel Artist homepage     Israel Nash's Silver Season Thirty Tigers
2015-10-09 Walker, Joe Louis Artist homepage     Everybody Wants a Piece Provogue
2015-10-09 Zombies, The Artist homepage     Still Got That Hunger The End
2015-10-16 Anderson, Edward David Artist homepage     Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions The Royal Potato Family
2015-10-16 Bleeker and The Freaks, Alex Artist homepage   MP3 Country Agenda Sinderlyn
2015-10-16 Blue Rodeo Artist homepage     Live at Massey Hall  
2015-10-16 Co-Pilgrim Artist homepage CD MP3 Slows to Go Battle Worldwide
2015-10-16 GospelbeacH Artist homepage   MP3 Pacific Surfline Alive Naturalsound
2015-10-16 Ritter, Josh Artist homepage     Sermon On The Rocks  
2015-10-16 Supersuckers Artist homepage CD   Holdin' The Bag Acetate
2015-10-16 Wax Museum, David Artist homepage     Guesthouse  
2015-10-23 Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs Artist homepage     Coulda Shoulda Woulda Transdreamer
2015-10-23 Various Artists       Cold and Bitter Tears: The Songs of Ted Hawkins Eight 30
2015-10-24 MFC Chicken Artist homepage     TBA Dirty Water
2015-10-26 Various Artists Artist homepage     Girl Zone! Ace
2015-10-30 Birds and Arrows Artist homepage     Edge of Everything  
2015-10-30 Drive-By Truckers Artist homepage   MP3 It's Great To Be Alive! ATO
2015-10-30 Jones & The Dap-Kings, Sharon Artist homepage CD MP3 It's A Holiday Soul Party Daptone
2015-10-30 Martin, Steve; Edie Brickell Artist homepage     So Familiar  
2015-10-30 Son Volt Artist homepage CD   Trace (2-CD Expanded) Rhino
2015-10-30 Velvet Underground Artist homepage CD   Loaded: Re-Loaded 45th Anniversary Edition (5 CD) Atlantic
2015-10-30 Yawpers, The Artist homepage     American Man Bloodshot
2015-10 Star Trip Artist homepage     TBA Pretty Olivia
2015-10 Young Sinclairs, The Artist homepage     7" vinyl TBA You Are The Cosmos
2015-11-27 NRBQ Artist homepage     Talk Thelonious Clang!
2015 Birds Of Chicago Artist homepage     Real Midnight  
2015 Caudle, Caleb Artist homepage     Carolina Ghost  
2015 Cherry Drops, The Artist homepage     Life Is A Bowl Of Cherry Drops  
2015 Goat Roper Rodeo Band, The Artist homepage     Cosmic Country Blue  
2015 Groovy Uncle Artist homepage     Life's A Gift  
2015 Honeychain Artist homepage     TBA  
2015 Jangle Band, The Artist homepage     TBA Pretty Olivia
2015 King Jartur & His Lords Artist homepage     Ah de la Almena! Bickerton (SP)
2015 LeBlanc, Dylan Artist homepage     Cautionary Tale Single Lock
2015 Levy, Adam Artist homepage     Naubinway  
2015 Squeeze Artist homepage     From The Cradle To The Grave  
2015 Various Artists Artist homepage     Lost Hits of the '80s Vandalay
2015 Woggles, The Artist homepage     Souled Out! Wicked Cool
2015 Wylie, Daniel Artist homepage     Chrome Cassettes  

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