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Welcome to RFA, where twang meets pop.  Free-form, commercial free radio featuring new releases of Americana/Alt. Country, Indie/College Rock, Power Pop, Blues/R&B/Soul, Roots Rock 'n Roll, Garage/Punk, Folk, Outsider, and more (or less)... From pure pop for now people to pure slop for cow people; from three chords and the truth to two chords and a sack of lies; non-discriminating free-form radio for the discriminating listener.

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Recent Additions to the Playlist
Release Date Artist


Title Label
2016-06-10 Faye & The Fayettes, Charlie Artist homepage CD   Charlie Faye & The Fayettes self
2016-06-03 Stoneking, C.W. Artist homepage CD   Gon' Boogaloo King Hokum
2016-05-27 White, Tony Joe Artist homepage CD MP3 Rain Crow Yep Roc
2016-05-27 Yarn Artist homepage CD   This Is The Year Redbush 
2016-05-20 Bucaro, Clarence Artist homepage CD   Pendulum Twenty Twenty
2016-05-20 Honeycutters, The Artist homepage   MP3 On the Ropes Organic
2016-05-20 Quaker City Night Hawks Artist homepage CD MP3 El Astronauta Lightning Rod
2016-05-13 Hard Working Americans Artist homepage CD MP3 Rest in Chaos Melvin
2016-05-13 Scorch, Al Artist homepage CD MP3 Circle Round The Signs Bloodshot
2016-05-13 Wild Ponies Artist homepage CD MP3 Radiant No Evil
2016-05-06 Carpenter, Mary Chapin Artist homepage CD MP3 The Things That We Are Made Of Lambert Light
2016-05-06 Deck, Jared Artist homepage CD MP3 Jared Deck RED
2016-05-06 Drucker, Jonny Artist homepage   MP3 Jonny Drucker Bandit Susan
2016-05-06 Eldred Trio, Mike Artist homepage CD MP3 Baptist Town Great Western
2016-05-06 Ladin Band, Evie Artist homepage     Jump the Fire self
2016-05-06 Lauper, Cyndi Artist homepage CD MP3 Detour Rhino
2016-05-06 Moreland & Arbuckle Artist homepage CD MP3 Promised Land or Bust Alligator
2016-05-06 Mountain Heart Artist homepage CD MP3 Blue Skies Compass
2016-05-06 Purpose, Darryl Artist homepage     Still the Birds Blue Rock
2016-05-06 Rides, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Pierced Arrow Savoy
2016-05-06 Whitehorse Artist homepage CD MP3 The Northern South Vol. 1 Six Shooter
2016-05-03 Nail, Jeremy Artist homepage     My Mountain Open Nine Music
2016-04-29 Above, The Artist homepage   MP3  There Is A Reason Hidden Volume
2016-04-29 Doe, John Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Westerner Cool Rock
2016-04-29 Draper, Linda Artist homepage   MP3 Modern Day Decay self
2016-04-29 Jayhawks, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Paging Mr. Proust Thirty Tigers 
2016-04-29 Kenney, Mo Artist homepage   MP3 In My Dreams self
2016-04-29 Lucas, Austin Artist homepage CD   Between The Moon and The Midwest Last Chance
2016-04-29 Sugar Blue Artist homepage CD MP3 Voyage MC
2016-04-26 Insley, Dave Artist homepage   MP3 Just The Way That I Am DIR
2016-04-25 Feddersen, Robert Rolfe Artist homepage     My Terri Ann self
2016-04-22 Farmington Hill Artist homepage     More Rock Than Eagle Block self
2016-04-22 Fruition Artist homepage CD MP3 Labor of Love Randm
2016-04-22 Higher State, The Artist homepage   MP3 Volume 27 13 O'Clock
2016-04-22 Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers Artist homepage CD   Ugly Mobile Dirty Water
2016-04-22 Hoke, Derek Artist homepage     Southern Moon Little Hollywood
2016-04-22 Last Train H     Back Again self
2016-04-22 Wilber, Jason Artist homepage     Echoes self
2016-04-20 Doughboys, The Artist homepage      Rock On (single) Ram Records
2016-04-18 Gota, Colman Artist homepage   MP3 Tape Buchipluma
2016-04-17 Dylan, Bob Artist homepage     Melancholy Mood EP Columbia
2016-04-17 Swedish Polarbears Artist homepage   MP3 The Great Northern Sound Asleep
2016-04-15 Batture Boys, The Artist homepage    MP3 Muddy Water self
2016-04-15 Beam, Sam; Jesca Hoop Artist homepage  CD MP3 Love Letter for Fire Sub Pop
2016-04-15 Bell, Glenna Artist homepage   MP3 Lone Star: Songs and Stories Straight from the Heart of Texas self
2016-04-15 Cave States Artist homepage    MP3 True Life self
2016-04-15 Forty Nineteens, The Artist homepage     Rebooted self
2016-04-15 Hackensaw Boys Artist homepage CD   Charismo Free Dirt
2016-04-15 Honeydogs, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Love & Cannibalism Simon
2016-04-15 Jane Lee Hooker Artist homepage  CD MP3 No B! Ruf
2016-04-15 Leady and His Rockin' Revue, Don Artist homepage CD MP3 Poppy Toppy Gone self
2016-04-15 Lindell, Eric Artist homepage CD   Matters of the Heart Red Parlor
2016-04-15 Nash, Graham Artist homepage  CD MP3 This Path Tonight Blue Castle
2016-04-15 Simpson, Sturgill Artist homepage CD MP3 A Sailor's Guide to Earth Atlantic
2016-04-15 Willie Sugarcapps Artist homepage   MP3 Paradise Right Here Baldwin Co. Public 
2016-04-08 Carll, Hayes Artist homepage  CD MP3 Lovers and Leavers Hwy 87
2016-04-08 Erelli, Mark Artist homepage   MP3 For a Song self
2016-04-08 Great American Canyon Band Artist homepage CD MP3 Only You Remain Six Degrees
2016-04-08 Halfway Artist homepage   MP3 The Golden Halfway Record ABC / Plus One
2016-04-08 Harper & The Innocent Criminals, Ben Artist homepage CD MP3 Call It What It Is Stax
2016-04-08 Li'l BeeDee and the Doo-Rites Artist homepage CD MP3 On A Mission To Do Ya Right...All Night! El Toro
2016-04-08 Lumineers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Cleopatra Dualtone
2016-04-08 Magness, Janiva Artist homepage  CD MP3 Love Wins Again Blue Elan
2016-04-08 Meck & The Guilty Birds, Chris Artist homepage   MP3 It's 4 AM Somewhere self
2016-04-08 Mondegreen, Dylan Artist homepage CD MP3 Every Little Step Shelflife
2016-04-08 Quiet Life Artist homepage    MP3 Foggy Strange Light
2016-04-08 Salgado, Curtis Artist homepage CD MP3 The Beautiful Lowdown Alligator
2016-04-08 Spector, Ronnie Artist homepage  CD MP3 English Heart Savoy
2016-04-08 Stuy, Bette Artist homepage     This Is Neo-Blues self
2016-04-08 Walker, Sammy Artist homepage   MP3 Brown Eyed Georgia Darlin' Ramseur
2016-04-08 Wolf, Peter Artist homepage  CD MP3 A Cure for Loneliness Concord
2016-04-08 Woods Artist homepage CD MP3 City Sun Eater In The River of Light Woodsist
2016-04-01 Bradley, Charles Artist homepage  CD MP3 Changes Daptone
2016-04-01 Bruntnell, Peter Artist homepage CD   Nos Da Comrade Domestico
2016-04-01 Cheap Trick Artist homepage CD MP3 Bang, Zoom, Crazy...Hello Big Machine
2016-04-01 Dawson, Steve Artist homepage CD MP3 Solid States and Loose Ends Black Hen
2016-04-01 Elephant Revival Artist homepage CD MP3 Petals Itz Evolving
2016-04-01 Fulks, Robbie Artist homepage  CD MP3 Upland Stories Bloodshot
2016-04-01 Gibson, Laura Artist homepage CD MP3 Empire Builder Barsuk
2016-04-01 Japanese Breakfast Artist homepage   MP3 Psychopomp Yellow K
2016-04-01 Lakou Mizik Artist homepage CD MP3 Wa Di Yo Cumbancha
2016-04-01 Left Arm Tan Artist homepage   MP3 Lorene self
2016-04-01 Nile, Willie Artist homepage CD MP3 World War Willie River House
2016-04-01 Radio Days Artist homepage   MP3 Back in the Day Rock Indiana
2016-04-01 Roxy Swain Artist homepage     Beneath Full Moonlight Spade Kitty
2016-04-01 Sex on Toast Artist homepage   MP3 Ready EP Tonay
2016-04-01 Stone Ridge Artist homepage   MP3 The Lost Recordings 1968-1971 Power Popaholic / Capricorn
2016-04-01 Thompson, Teddy; Kelly Jones Artist homepage CD MP3 Little Windows Cooking Vinyl
2016-04-01 Town Mountain Artist homepage   MP3 Southern Crescent Lohi
2016-04-01 Unseen Strangers, The Artist homepage   MP3 Stranger Places self
2016-03-31 Pressing Strings Artist homepage CD MP3 5 from 3 self
2016-03-25 Allyn, Rachel Artist homepage   MP3 Next Year's Girl self
2016-03-25 Binion, Terri Artist homepage     The Day After The Night Before self
2016-03-25 Convergers, The Artist homepage    MP3 Hang-Dog Hymns Drag Snake
2016-03-25 Currys, The Artist homepage   MP3 West of Here self
2016-03-25 Dropkick Artist homepage CD MP3 Balance The Light Rock Indiana
2016-03-25 Grahams, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Glory Bound Deluxe Edition CEN
2016-03-25 Healey, Jeff Artist homepage  CD MP3 Heal My Soul Provogue
2016-03-25 Millsap, Parker Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Very Last Day Okrahoma
2016-03-25 Mould, Bob Artist homepage  CD MP3 Patch The Sky Merge
2016-03-25 Price, Margo Artist homepage  CD MP3 Midwest Farmer's Daughter Third Man
2016-03-25 Prophet, Chuck Artist homepage     Alex Nieto (single) self
2016-03-25 Ragbirds, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Threshold & The Hearth Rock Ridge
2016-03-25 Rose, Haroula Artist homepage CD MP3 Here The Blue River Little Bliss
2016-03-25 Various Artists H  CD MP3 I Saw The Light (Soundtrack) Legacy
2016-03-22 Tennessee Muscle Candy Artist homepage   MP3 Walk That Walk (single) Electric Western

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Coming Soon

Release Date Artist


Title Label
2016-05-03 Tommy and The Rockets Artist homepage   MP3 Beer & Fun & Rock 'n Roll  
2016-05-11 Bley, Carla Artist homepage CD   Andando el Tiempo ECM
2016-05-13 Figgs, The Artist homepage     On The Slide Stomper 
2016-05-13 Twin Peaks Artist homepage CD MP3 Down in Heaven Grand Jury
Future Releases

Release Date



Title Label
2016-05-20 Clapton, Eric Artist homepage CD MP3 I Still Do Bushbranch/Surfdog
2016-05-20 Dylan, Bob Artist homepage     Fallen Angels Columbia
2016-05-20 Womack, Tommy Artist homepage     NAMASTE  
2016-06-03 Bell, William Artist homepage   MP3 This Is Where I Live Stax
2016-06-03 Williams, Andre Artist homepage CD   I Wanna Go Back To Detroit City Bloodshot
2016-06-10 Colvin & Earle Artist homepage     Colvin & Earle Fantasy/Concord
2016-06-10 Monkees, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Good Times! Rhino
2016-06-10 Reed, Eli Paperboy Artist homepage CD MP3 My Way Home Yep Roc
2016-06-17 case/lang/veirs Artist homepage CD MP3 case/lang/veirs ANTI
2016-06-24 Avett Brothers, The Artist homepage   MP3 True Sadness Republic
2016-07-15 Easton, Tim Artist homepage     American Fork Last Chance
2016-09 Handsome Family, The Artist homepage     Unseen  
2016 Dayton, Jesse Artist homepage     TBA  
2016 Explorers Club, The Artist homepage     Together self
2016 Flat Five, The H     TBA  
2016 Gale, Mike; Llona V Artist homepage     Dream Pool Battle
2016 Legal Matters, The Artist homepage     Conrad Futureman 
2016 Los Texmaniacs Artist homepage     TBA  
2016 Motel Mirrors Artist homepage     TBA  
2016 Piunti, Nick Artist homepage     TBA  
2016 Posies, The Artist homepage     Solid States  
TBA Goat Roper Rodeo Band, The Artist homepage     Cosmic Country Blue  
TBA Honeychain Artist homepage     TBA  
TBA Young Sinclairs, The Artist homepage     7" vinyl TBA You Are The Cosmos

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